What is Woody Fragrance and for Whom it is?

woody perfume

The woody fragrances are an olfactory family that is composed of the deepest aromas of the forest. The aromas are extracted from the woods of trees such as cedar, guayacán, sandalwood or birch. Also included are the moss essences of different trees, within this family.

wood perfume

Characteristics of Woody Fragrances

In ancient times, woody fragrances were used to aromatize religious ceremonies or perfumed ointments or fragrances.

These types of perfumes have very characteristic aromas and are very differentiated from each other, since the woods vary radically from one tree to another, because of their characteristics, their location or the climate in which they develop, among many other reasons.

We can find woody aromas that come from sandalwood and therefore have a creamy and milky touch, giving it a cozy and very soft aroma. There are also some notes of pine or spruce that remind us of the scents of winter.

But within all the notes, we must highlight two that are not properly wood: vetiver and patchouli. Vetiver is an herb of roots and patchouli is the leaf of a shrub of oriental origin. Even so, they have a woody profile and that is why they are within this classification.

Woody Fragrance for men and women

Woody perfumes are conceived for men, but there are some women who are also seduced by their fragrances. In the case of men, these aromas are associated with the robustness of the trees and therefore with masculinity.

And in the case of women, some touches appear as secondary notes because of the aromatic qualities they have so flexible. In fact, in practically all the perfumes that we find there is some note of wood.

Our woody perfumes

There are several woody scents, here we highlight some:

  • Perfume Equivalenza 283

A unisex fragrance based on the precious Oud, the black gold of perfumery. The complex aroma of this note is surrounded by spices such as cloves, cumin, and saffron that reinforce its oriental character. In the heart, the Oud softens with the rose, and the labdanum, while the bottom, takes a more woody facet along with the leather and the ambergris.

  • Perfume Equivalenza 285

It is a man’s fragrance, easy to wear, fresh and quite classic. A woody with herbaceous notes of lavender and rosemary, a floral heart of geranium and jasmine, and a woody bottom with oak, cedar, and sandalwood moss.

  • Perfume Equivalenza 287

A woody fragrance for men, ideal for the night. It combines energy and smoothness to see the world differently and adopt new points of view. A woody aromatic with a spicy touch, the combination of lavender and violet and rich wood background.

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