25 Best Women Perfume Brands in 2021 – Long Lasting Women Perfume

25 Best Women Perfume Brands in 2021 – Long Lasting Women Perfume

Best long-lasting women perfume brands include Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior for Women, Dolce & Gabbana,
Estee Lauder EDP Spray etc. These perfume brands smell long-lasting. Aromatherapy with different base notes brings you the effect of exotic flowers and succulent fruits. 

Have you heard about the “smell” of women? It is mysterious, elegant, sophisticated, charming, and intoxicating.

With so many qualities that describe the smell, I’m sure you can calculate what a fragrance can actually do – whether it’s a perfume (or de parfum) or an Eau de Toilette (Eau de Toilette).

We have analyzed the 25 best women perfume brands considering different features of the perfume. Read the list and find the best perfume for yourself or gift it to your girlfriend, wife, or mother. 

we recommend your  La Vie Est Belle Leau De or  Marc Jacobs. They both are the best long-lasting women’s perfume brans in the market. 

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List of Best Long Lasting Women Perfume Brands

Product Name




La Vie Est Belle by Lancome 2-Piece Fragrance

COCO Mademoiselle by_Chanel Eau De Parfum Spray 

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum Spray

MISS DIOR - Christian Dior EDT

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Parfum Spray 

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana

Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Spray

Estee Lauder Pleasures Intense Eau de Parfum Splash

Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton for Women


Britney Spears Fantasy Eau De Parfum Spray

BURBERRY Brit for Her Eau De Parfum

Avon Far Away Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Still Jennifer Lopez By Jennifer Lopez For Women

Bvlgari Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari for Women


Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Nectar Intense for Women

Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray For Women

Fancy by Jessica Simpson Women's Eau De Parfum Spray

Paris By Yves Saint Laurent For Women

Lady Gaga Fame Fluid Eau De Parfum Spray

Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

It is time to explore and discover the distinctive scents of summer and winter, and everything in between. 

La Vie Est Belle Leau De Parfum SprayBest perfume brand

Lancome was started as a perfume company which went ahead and launched five fragrances for the 1935 World’s Fair held in Brussels. 

Later on, Lancome went into makeup and skincare products which have been widely worn and praised by top models and celebrities.

Specialties Of This Perfume: When iris top notes, patchouli middle note, and gourmand base notes meet, you get the choice to create your own path to happiness. La Vie Est Belle Leau De Parfum is that intoxicating and long-lasting floral-fruity spray that brings you the fragrance of joyful femininity. Meant for modern women. It was launched in the year 2012 and is perfect for all occasions.

The elegance of iris has the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of praline. And then there are floral notes of Sambac, Jasmine, and Tunisian Orange Blossom pitching in their best.

How Long The Does Perfume Last: Not only is it sweet and spicy, it lasts all day. On average, it lasts for 8 or 9 hours and more than 2 days on fabrics.

Expert Review: Another great product from Lancome which gets you compliments all the time”

Mild and sensual which is what makes it the best perfume”

For those of you ladies who believe“ Life is Beautiful ”La Vie Est Belle from Lancome is the perfect toast”

From the first whiff, I have loved this perfume”

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome
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Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Strong heavy perfume

Chanel is the strong heavy perfume from the rest of the perfume. It is the most famous fragrance in the world and has been the center of attention since the 1920s. Chanel is a fragrance for women. Expect a feminine fragrance from Chanel’s house that makes you an opaque character and a wonderful creation named “Woman”.

There is no doubt that it smells of sophistication and luxury. This makes them loved by women of all age groups, especially young ladies.

The specialties of this fragrance: Coco Mademoiselle gives you a slightly sweet oriental fragrance at first, but then fades to lighter and warmer tones. The divine fragrance you get in Coco Mademoiselle EDP is close to rose, jasmine, patchouli, litchi, orange, grapefruit, vetiver, vanilla, and musk.

How Long Perfume Last: With a high survival power, this fragrance by Chanel Coco Mademoiselle lasts for 8 hours. The bottle lasts for a year (one spray a day more than enough)

Expert Review: ” Absolutely feminine perfection Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP is. This scent is polarized and perfect for any occasion. This means that everyone loves her. Every time you wear this, people will never stop telling you how much you smell. It’s light but warm, floral and sweet. She’s sexy, feminine and classy.

COCO Mademoiselle chanel perfume
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Victoria’s Secret Bombshell –  Best women fragrance

Victoria’s Secret is an American fashion house known for its underwear, cosmetics, and accessories. In the late 1980s, the company entered the perfume market, with the first Victoria fragrance, launched in 1989

Whenever you think of “erotic” brands, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau De Parfum should be in your mind without a doubt.

The fragrances of this fragrance: Sexy and feminine, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is a wonderful blend of flirty and floral. It is a sweet and distinctive scent combined with a magical blend of orchid vanilla, Shangri-La fruit and passion fruit that makes it the desirable brand of fragrance. The fragrance is available in a magnificent bottle of emerald. Bombshell was launched specifically for Valentine’s Day in 2012, and was characterized by its fragrant aroma with fruits.

How long will the perfume last: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell last long for one day. This is one of the best fragrances for women.

Expert review: brilliantly addictive”.


Victoria’s Secret Bombshell
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Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence  – Long lasting women perfume

Marc Jacobs, born in 1963, is an American fashion designer. In 2001 he began to sell commercially for his perfume. As of today, he has 74 fragrances in the fragrance fragrance

It was in 2015 that Marc Jacobs made Decadence. This was the first mature fragrance that combined sex appeal and sophistication. September 2016 saw an assumption from the Divine Decadence, a lighter version of the original fragrance.

The specialties of this fragrance: It is very glamorous for the divine passages, you can not escape the luxury appeal of Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence EDP.

It has top notes of sparkling champagne, bergamot, and creamy orange blossom. Middle notes are gardenia, honeysuckle, vanilla and orange blossom.

The main ingredients are amber and bergamot, giving it a radiant texture.

As for packaging, the exquisite bottle is a small version of Marc Jacobs handbag, which features a tassel, chain strap, and all.

Sounds like an interesting bundle of things, what does it say?

How long does perfume last: The severity of divine decay is moderate but amazed at the fact that it is long-lasting.

Expert Review: The Divine Regression is an expression of luxury and magnificence, a way of lifestyle and living. It’s addictive, you can’t get enough. A decadent girl was not born, she chose to be. ”

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau De Parfum
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Miss Dior – by Christian Dior Best feminine perfume

French-born Christian Dior started his career in the fashion line and moved into the perfume field. There are 192 perfumes at the base of Christian Dior. It was the oldest fragrance in 1947.

Specialized in silver, this elegant composition from Beit Dior announces the first day of spring. The floral flowers leave you refreshed with a unique and fragrant trail. François Demanche, the perfumer of Beit Dior describes Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet as one of the unusual silk fragrances. It containing a floral essence of peony, Sicilian tangerine as a supreme note, his damask essence as a middle class, and white musk as basic notes.

Guess the face of the Miss Dior collection? It’s Natalie Portman.

How long is the last fragrance: When you brush this smell on your clothes, it will last longer. Otherwise, it lasts for only a few hours.

Expert Review: BB is a beautiful smell of spring, very feminine and innocent feminine”

Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior
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Elizabeth Arden Red DoorBest budget perfume

In 1910, Canadian businessman Florence Nightingale Graham started an American company for perfumes, skincare, and cosmetics. The surprising thing is that Graham used Elizabeth Arden, not only in her professional name but also in her own company. 

Although initially focused on skincare and cosmetics, it eventually ventured into perfumes as well. Elizabeth Arden has 65 perfumes.

This fragrance specialty: It has chime red roses and flowers with honey, spices, and exotic flowers, you have the most sensual and romantic fragrance is at hand.

How long does the fragrance last: Mild lasting.

Expert Review: It’s one of those wonderful scents that are next to the fabric of life…”

They are very alluring and soft, and they will certainly satisfy their inherent appeal.”

Red Door from Elizabeth Arden
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Dolce & Gabbana light blue eau de toilette Favorite perfume for ladies

‘Dolce & Gabbana’ as ‘Italy in a bottle’, it actually takes you to the land of Rome in its classic fragrances.

The specialties of this fragrance are a Mediterranean love story. The bottle itself is strong with a light blue cap depicting a clear sky of the Italian Alps. Sicilian cedar and blue cheese such as top notes, bamboo, jasmine, and white rose to make up the heart and chopped wood, amber, and musk as a basic note. In short, Light Blue EDT is a “ temptation game that ends with a kiss ”.

How Long Fragrance: Another long-lasting this from D&G is that it remains pleasant and pleasant all day long.

Expert Review: “I love this. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and wear my old friends.

Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue
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Versace Bright Crystal Best ladies perfume

The most provocative and influential fashion designer, Versace high in excellent style. That’s why the trendy fragrances come from the Versace runway and the illustrious world.

Did you know that Elton John was one of the first fans of Versace perfumes? It is time to be.

This fragrance specialty: Meet one of the fragrance Versace absolute heart – Perfume Jewel – Crystal Bright. This charming pink fragrance, sensual and feminine at the same time, will make you roam the juicy pomegranate beads, shimmering yuzu, and iced freshness. In addition, there is always a magnolia, bunia, and lotus flower to add transparency, as the amber delights your senses.

How long does the perfume last: The longevity of these flowers, fruit, musk ranges from mild to long-lasting.

Expert Review: Sweet and Innocent, this unique scent lasts a long time”.

How can you miss the gemstones at the top, and the nice packaging… I love to have it and that’s why.”


Bright Crystal a floral scent
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Paris Hilton for womenBest affordable women’s perfume

The first perfume by the beautiful lady, Paris Hilton for women, rose to be the bestseller in the world. Modeling brought its name and fame, but it did the perfume line.

The specialties of this fragrance are: sweet, floral notes, Paris Hilton for women perfect for spring and summer. Wearing daytime, EDP is best for informal occasions.

What is the duration of the fragrance: The fragrance is not that strong and fades in 4-5 hours.

Expert Review: Seductive and feminine, prefer and anticipate compliments when you wear this beautiful fragrance”.

paris hilton women perfume
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Pleasers Intense Estee Lauder EDP SprayBest date fragrance

In 1946, Estee Lauder set off to start her company kicked by her desire to show the beauty in every woman. Today, Estée Lauder has a range of skincare, makeup, and fragrance, a true example of the best that art and science can achieve.

Specialized in the UK in 2002. It is manufactured in the UK. The intoxicating and velvety fragrance notes include a blend of vanilla jasmine, Maplewood, and Tiare. What you enjoy is a rich floral vase with low notes of vanilla and maple.

How much perfume lasts: lasts in moderation.

Expert Review: The fun is so intense, it hardly needs any explanation!”

It’s a wonderful fragrance with people around you asking” What is the name of the fragrance you wear, it’s really great. “

Wear every day… it smells great and praises you all the time.”

pleasure intense estee lauder
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Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum Sexy perfume for women

Britney Spears has evolved from a teen pop fetish to the most successful adult pop star of the 21st century. Then the perfume happened.

She is a famous young woman, which is why Britney Spears is associated with her fragrance in the youth market.

The specialties of this fragrance: called the magic of love a dose of sweet temptation, Fantasy EDP from Britney Spears simply overburden you. Launched in 2005 by Design House for Britney Spears. It is for women that are alluring, charming, and evasive. Top notes include Lecce, Queens, and Kiwi. Heart notes of white chocolate, cupcake, jasmine. The final notes are Voluptuous Woods, Creamy Musk, and Orris Root.

How many other perfume lengths: All sprits wears after 4-5 hours. The smell of ‘perfumey’ increases after it settles on your skin. So, you can call it the fragrance with an uninterrupted aroma after some time.

Expert Review: This one is an amazing smell and this comes from a perfume stud”

I have to admit without breaking up the words that blew my imagination away in millions of ways”

If you like the smell of delicious desserts with a touch of sex appeal, this is for you.”

Britney spear fantasy perfume
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Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum  – Long lasting perfume cheap

American actress Sarah Jessica Parker has created a personal and fashion obsession with an opportunity to launch her fragrances.

I would say it’s a sign that fits with Sarah Jessica Parker. Beautiful by the way is also a well-known perfume of its stable.

This fragrance specialty: “Beautiful” is the first fragrance produced by Sarah Jessica Parker in 2005. So was obsessed with elegance and fragrance to the point that they had always wanted a distinctive scent itself. According to Sarah, the fragrance is perfect for all generations: “17 to 107”.

In 2006, she won the Fifi Award for Best National Advertising Campaign for Beautiful Fragrance.

The top notes are soft citrus (nectarine and bergamot) and woody leaves (rosewood), with a touch of lavender, which is not sharp at all. The middle notes are a martini apple, white narcissus, and orchid, while the main notes are white amber, white musk, rice, and woody nuts.

How long does another perfume last: Vary from moderate to long-lasting.

Expert review: One of the best perfumes you can get at this price”

Perfect for any occasion. A safe choice for those affected by odors ”

This beautiful bottle of dazzling encompasses all the artistic and wonderful designs in tune”

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum Spray
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Burberry Brit for Her – Eau de Parfum Best everyday perfume

Burberry Brit is the best everyday perfume. The Design House has a distinctive English design with a distinctive style of choice and great fragrances for unisex. Perfect for everyday wear, subtly delicate fragrances and bring something different to the table.

Specialized in 2003, this Burberry perfume is made in France for everyday wear. It is a fragrance that explodes with a vital charm. Ingredients of this excellent composition are Italian lime, green almonds, white peony, icy pears, candied almonds, vanilla, tonka beans, amber, and mahogany.

How many other fragrances: This EDP ​​Pripre perfume lasts for a few good hours, then matures into a warmer fragrance like vanilla.

Expert Review: This oriental green fragrance gives you an unexpected blend of sugar and spices.”

I love the Burberry Brit… continue to get compliments from men and women on my fragrance!”

My aromatic for years and will stay so”

Burberry Brit Eau De Parfum Spray,
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Avon Far Away Eau de Parfum SprayBest scents for women

Avon is a leading global beauty company. It has a wide product line that includes perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, personal care, and hair products. It is also a global beauty icon and a world leader in lipstick, perfume, and anti-aging skincare products

The specialties of this fragrance: If you want to take a break from expected, then the Avon Far Away EDP Spray made in Mexico will match the bill. This oriental fragrance has notes of peach and freesia, middle notes of jasmine, osmanthus, orange flower, and soothing notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and amber.

How many other perfumes: Apply quickly and last long.

Expert review: It blends with the body’s natural chemist. I get a lot of positive comments when I wear them ”

You never want to run out of it… never… stop making this product!”

avan far away perfume spray
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Still Jennifer Lopez – woman Eau De Parfum Spray Fruity floral perfume

This mix is ​​aimed at teenagers and females in their early twenties, and the fragrance “Still” has been adopted by artists from American soil JLo. This was the international success that made the perfume industry “still” and became a kind of trend in celebrities who supported perfumes.

The bottle was a commercial success, earning over $ 300 million with its predecessor Glow by JLo.

Specialties Of This Perfume: The perfume was created in 2003 by Michel Girard. “Still” is all about feminine, vivacity, and sensuality. This 100ml bottle will surprise you with its bouquet of soft, white flowers. Base notes are of White pepper, Honeysuckle, Freesia, Earl Gray Tea, and Orange Blossom. It is an ideal fragrance for evening wear.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: Quite long-lasting, as well as medium, so you can bank on it.

Expert Review: Mood uplifting it is, gives you the hint of spring/summer”

Such an elegant scent, it captures the feeling of stillness.”

Scent wise, it’s not loud or ostentatious, but pleasant and perfect for office and everyday wear.”

I’ve worn this fragrance for 10+ years, and I must say that JLo remains classy and timeless… lasts all day”

Still Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez is a woman
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Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Eau De Parfum SprayBranded perfumes for ladies

You must be thinking hard what is the right pronunciation – Bulgari or Bvlgari? Actually, the name of the company is based on the founder’s last name Sotirios Voulgaris.

Since “V” in the word is the Latin classical alphabet character for the letter “U, the word pronunciation is as if it were written as“ Bulgari ”. Some tongue-twisting exercise it is, what say.

The first profession of Voulgaris was jewelry trade. It was in 1884 that he started the Bvlgari Company. He has a total of 78 perfumes in his fragrance kitty.

Specialties Of This Perfume: This dark mysterious woody floral scent centered around the jasmine flower has base notes of a lotus flower, gardenia, gardenia petals, green sap, and jasmines. The dark bottle has become an object of affection for many Bvlgari fans.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: Well this particular EDP of Bvlgari ranges from long-lasting is very long-lasting.

Expert Review: Got it for my mom and she loved it”

Conveys pure mystery and sensuality at nightfall”

It has the smell of jasmine and gardenia which makes it an austere beauty”


Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Eau De Parfum
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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf  Eau de Parfum Great smelling perfume

Viktor & Rolf is a fashion house based in Amsterdam. The complete names of “Viktor & Rolf” are Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. The beauty of this fragrance is that it was introduced at the 10th anniversary of Viktor & Rolf’s house’s work. 

So, apart from the sensational notes that your noses are hungry for, the perfume comes packed with memories too.

Specialties Of This Perfume: When you talk of explosion and profusion, (no bombs here, so chill) you get FLOWERBOMB by Viktor & Rolf. Now this EDP spray for the ladies introduced in 2005 is a full-bodied oriental perfume. It explodes in a bouquet of sensations with floral notes that are absolutely addictive. The bottle has been designed in a diamond-granite shape.

Bergamot and green tea are top notes, the heart notes have Sambac jasmine, Centifolia rose, freesia and Cattleya orchid and base notes are made up of musk and patchouli.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: FLOWERBOMB EDP scores on the long-lasting factor.

Expert Review: FB brings such a delicious yummy note, I’d literally eat it, more than wearing it”.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is packed with longevity and durability, which makes it the most preferred brand in fragrance”.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
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White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor EDT SprayMost feminine perfume

With nearly 60 years of an acting career in films, the Brit-American actress Elizabeth Taylor needs no introduction. Her first perfume was launched with Elizabeth Arden. “Violet Eyes” is the newest fragrance, and the last one was introduced before Taylor’s death in 2011.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor is as understated and “beauty with a nose” as Liz Taylor.

Specialties Of This Perfume: Launched in 1991, the name itself is enough because it symbolizes singular star quality as Liz Taylor. Now coming to the White Diamonds, the EDT Spray, it has a rich sensual fragrance with the brilliance of a rare jewel. The floral essences and sparkling aldehydes create a fragrance that is delicate. 

To be more precise, lily, rose, amber, oakmoss, and sandalwood are the fragrance notes. Do you know how many of you know that in 2009, this fragrance was inducted into the Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame? my Lord! How fame-worthy White Diamonds is!

How Long Does The Perfume Last: Longgggg lasting (hope you got the point).

Expert Review: Getting compliments for 25 years is big and unbelievable and that could only happen due to wearing White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor.”

They say that diamonds are forever… .Let me correct it… it Is“ White Diamonds ”are FOREVER”

White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor EDT
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Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray Best perfume for girls

She is the socialite daughter of President of USA Donald Trump. She is a fashion model too and former reality TV personality. 

No surprise, why she launched her first fragrance by her name which hit many stores abroad in the USA. She is Ivanka Trump

Specialties Of This Perfume: So what is so great about this personality-driven fragrance? Apart from the fact that it is the “baby” of Ivanka Trump, it comes with fruity notes and flirtatious spices. 

Sensual top notes have Italian bergamot, juicy apple, pink pepper; heart notes have rose, peach, and jasmine while the base notes have creamy vanilla, golden amber, cedar, and patchouli.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: This perfume lasts moderately

Expert Review: It is something one would expect Ivanka to wear herself… which means it is elegant and perfect”

Fabulous scent and so glorious, it lasts all day… Ideal for spring and summer”


Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray for Women
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Fancy By Jessica Simpson Good smelling perfume

The American pop star, television star, actress, and fashion entrepreneur, Jessica Simpson fashion line “ Jessica Simpson Collection ” became one of her successful business ventures.

That actually pushed her to foray into the fragrance market in 2004. Today she has 16 perfumes in her perfumery repertoire.

Specialties Of This Perfume: Launched in 2008, Fancy by Jessica Simpson is an Oriental Vanilla composition. The notes are fulfilling in every way. Top notes include pear, apricot, red berries; middle notes are gardenia, jasmine, almond, and caramel; base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, and amber.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: Thumbs up as “Fancy” is moderate to long-lasting.

Expert Review: The sweet mellow scent is what made me take Fancy for it. Happy is me ”

Is it candy floss or pure romance? I am yet to decide. But whatever I decide upon, Fancy will remain close to my chest ”

Fancy By Jessica Simpson Eau De Parfum Spray
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PARIS By Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Toilette SprayBest  long lasting fragrance

YSL is the French fashion house. It was founded by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, which explains the abbreviation YSL. Laurent started his career at the young age of 18 by serving as assistant to Christian Dior.

With the passing away of Dior, YSL was named the head of the house of Dior and that was when he was just 21 years old. YSL passed away in 2008 but has left behind 173 perfumes in his fragrance base.

Specialties Of This Perfume: Since Paris has a brilliant harmony of violet flowers and roses, the EDT captures the same spirit – a woody-floral fragrance which has mimosa, geranium, bergamot, mayflower, hawthorn, juniper, Damascus rose, May rose, violet, sandalwood, iris, amber, and musk notes. Sophia Grojsman is the nose behind this perfume.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: Extremely long-lasting it is.

Expert Review: Light, beautiful and relaxing..my favorite for so many years”

I’ve owned a bottle of Paris since the 80’s. And it makes me smile every time I wear it. ”

PARIS By Yves Saint Laurent For Women Eau De Toilette Spray
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Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Perfume Expensive smelling perfume

If shock and awe attract you by a dozen, like the Lady G herself, then it is time to wear Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Perfume. This mysterious fragrance was introduced in 2012.

Specialties Of This Perfume: Whenever you want to reveal the seductress within you, then you have the right fragrance that will do full justice to your need. Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Perfume which can be worn of the day-time or night has incense and belladonna flower with honey drops and apricot as notes.

How Long Does Perfume Last: The scent has the “honor” of staying longer.

Expert Review: Name and Fame, Lady Gaga Black Fluid Perfume brings you both”


Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Perfume
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Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang for WomenBest perfume in the world for ladies

Meet Vera Wang, an American fashion designer born on Chinese soil. When she didn’t make it to the Olympics team. She tried her luck in the fashion industry, and as luck would have it. She became Vogue’s youngest editor ever, at the age of 23.

After a few years, she turned to greener pastures by working as a design director for Ralph Lauren. 

Two years later, she opened her own company, got popular for designing bridal gowns. And then her stint began in the world of perfumery.

It is difficult to say what it exactly is – playful, spirited, or unpredictable.

Specialties Of This Perfume: Sheer fruity floral fragrance, Vera Wang captivates with its delicate lady apples and dreamy water lily, heart notes of ripe pink guava, and vanilla. You can’t miss the brimming effect of exotic flowers and succulent fruits.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: More on the medium side and few shades less on the long-lasting side.

Expert Review: Not only is this a beautiful bottle but amazing when given as a gift”

Extremely versatile it is. Ideal for casual, work or more formal occasions ”

Authentic and genuine fragrance, it looks like a decoration on my vanity”.

“Why should I hide the fact that it’s the first thing my fiancee commented on when he got home from work”.

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang for Women
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Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum Light perfume

The new fragrance brand Katy Perry has 8 perfumes and growing. The first fragrance edition was born in 2010, the newest is from last year ie 2016.

Specialties Of This Perfume: When you see a fragrance bottle in the form of a “cat” which has jewel-like eyes, you have picked the right toy, I mean fragrance. 

Katy Perry “Purr” EDP Spray launched in 2010 brings you top notes of apple, peach, gardenia and green bamboo: heart notes of jasmine, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose: and base notes of creamy sandalwood, vanilla orchid, white amber, coconut, and musk. It comes in four sizes.

How Long Does The Perfume Last: It lasts more on a medium count, which is fine.

Expert Review: There is so much to like in Katy Perry’s Meow… I mean Purr”

The smell of sweet grapes and a hint of floral… This is Purrrr-fiction!”

Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum Spray for Women
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We hope you found this post useful and chose the best brand perfume. There are many women perfume brands with different qualities and prices. Some are expensive with long-lasting smelling while some are with reasonable price for everyday usage. If you can’t decide what to buy we recommend you buy La Vie Est Belle Leau De or  Marc Jacobs.

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