When does Perfume Expire – How to Make Perfume Last Longer


Knowing when a perfume expires is important so that its properties do not evaporate. Perfumes are manufactured so that the notes endure, but it is inevitable that, over time, especially if we do not preserve the perfume in optimal conditions, its characteristics suffer, and therefore expire.

In this article, we will know when a perfume expires and how to keep it so that it lasts longer.

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When does perfume expire?

The concept of expiration in a perfume refers to the moment in which the notes stop being perceived with intensity, reaching some to disappear.

When the aroma of a perfume ceases to be potent, it begins to expire. If the dominant odor begins to be alcohol is that the perfume is already unusable. As you can imagine, the most intense perfumes last longer, lasting up to 3-4 years if we keep it inappropriate places.

For mild perfumes, the average duration is 1 to 2 years. After this time the notes will begin to disappear. In any case, there are perfumes that last for decades with all their properties almost intact. It depends especially on the aromas that we choose for their composition and the percentage of alcohol and fixers that are added.

Is it harmful to health to use expired perfume?

No. Perfumes simply lose potency, but they do not harm health. Unlike expired foods, a perfume can still be used, although as we say, its aroma will be much more attenuated.

How to Make Perfume Last Longer?

Heat and light are the two factors that most influence the loss of perfume aroma. Few people do it, but the best place to store perfume in the refrigerator because it protects it from direct light and also keeps it at a low temperature.

Another trick to preserving perfumes is to keep them in the original box. If we also avoid moving the bottle continuously. We will be prolonging the life of the molecules that form it, and therefore lengthening its useful life.

Avoid buying perfumes in large containers. This type of bottle causes the content to deteriorate over time. The most intense perfumes last longer. So if you use perfumes in the long term, opt for especially intense aromas.

You already know when a perfume expires and how to preserve its contents. 

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