What Perfume to Take  for Trips ?

trips perfume

Every time you go on trips, it is essential to bring a bag with those products that you always use so that you do not need them during your vacations. As you carry your toothbrush and your day cream. So is the perfume that accompanies you in your adventure. 

The perfect detail to explore

Throwing perfume is one of those things we do every morning! It is the best way to start the day or go to an important event. It means preparation and presentation. During the holidays we travel to many places, meet people, and explore unknown destinations. That is why we need to have a good perfume that prepares us and presents us in different circumstances. The best thing is to feel the freshness, the aroma, and the safety that a fragrance can give you when leaving the house to discover the world.

Which perfume lasts longer?

You have to make a difference between cologne and perfume. The first usually has the lowest concentration of essence, so it is much lighter and its fragrance lasts less. In the case of perfume, a higher concentration of essence is used and the odor can last up to 8 hours. To travel, we recommend using a fragrance that is able to accompany you for many hours and that does not leave you during the day since you will usually be out of the hotel all day.

AERIN Hibiscus PalmBest travel perfume

Best travel perfume

During the trip we made to Cuba, we had the opportunity to try the fragrance Hibiscus Palm, from the Aerin line of Estee Lauder. A light perfume, fresh and with a lot of Caribbean floral aroma. Hence the name makes reference to the Hibiscus flower, which is found in some tropical places.

 It is the ideal perfume to go out and explore and enjoy your vacation. It does not leave you even in the water! With a single splash, you’re ready It comes in a small format for the portfolio or in a larger size. It does not matter if the trip is over, because you can relive it every time you go back to perfume again at home. You will feel barefoot walking on white sands, enjoying the breeze of the sea and the warmth of the Caribbean. 

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