How to Apply Cologne ? – Difference Between Perfume and Cologne

Do perfumes and colonies work with sex pheromones?

It may be a common misconception, but there is something about Cologne that attracts women. Studies conducted in the USA several years ago showed that women found men with cologne more attractive than men who did not wear cologne.

So yes, of course, it’s probably due to the smell, but also to the confidence that a cologne brings to its wearer. A man who wears cologne has a certain pace, a certain “Yes, I’m here, and it’s good”, a way of him that women find very attractive.

So, why not wear cologne? What do you have to lose, except perhaps the attention of the woman of your dreams?

All this aside, perfume water is more than just a splash of a unique fragrance. Like anything else in the subtle arts of attraction (and in the pursuit of the feeling of well-being), the subtle application of a cologne requires some skill. It takes finesse.

Enter a room with cologne applied randomly on your body and clothes and you might as well throw your chances of romance out the window. If the scent of your eau de parfum enters the room before you, then you have done something wrong. 

You already have a beard, which is an object of feminine attraction. Cologne may be another weapon in your arsenal, but that does not mean you have to use it as a bazooka.

That’s why we’ve been thinking for a long time about what it means to “apply correctly” toilet water. Do not water, but place it carefully. It’s like everything in life: you have to use everything in small quantities. Here are our expert tips to take full advantage of all the benefits of a cologne.

Apply your cologne as a man, not as an animal

There is probably no definitive answer as to what is too much and what is not enough when it comes to cologne. But common sense is a useful and very relevant guide. 

For example, if someone needs to be physically close to you to comment on the smell of your cologne, then you have not done too much. If its smell is constantly in your nostrils, it’s because you’ve probably put too much on yourself. Ask friends or relatives if it’s too much, not enough or just right.

Some other things to consider:

– Never use cologne as a substitute for soap. Poor hygiene is poor hygiene, no matter how you try to hide it.

– Wearing too much cologne can cause unwanted physical problems, especially if you are with a person prone to migraines or asthma attacks. Be nice to your fellows, go smoothly.

When to put cologne

We have already established that cologne is excellent, that it can attract the attention needed and that one should never take a bath filled with this liquid (or use it instead of soap). Also keep in mind some things like:

The season

You wear different clothes for each season. But did you know that the same thing applies to cologne? When to wear certain types depends on the season. In summer, you wear lighter clothes and you will also want to use a lighter cologne. The temperature of your body fluctuates, becoming warmer in the spring and summer and you do not want to add anything heavy on this heat. Keep the scents warmer and heavier for the colder months. It may take tests and tests to find the right fit for each season, but the effort is worth it.

A question of timing

Want to maximize the impact of your cologne? Putting it at the right time, such as just after a hot shower when your pores are open, will help you keep a good smell all day long. Pouring cologne when you have not showered is a beginner’s mistake.

Here’s another thing to consider: combining a cologne with soaps, deodorants, and scented shower gels is not such a good idea. Their strong scents will cover the smell of your cologne or change the scent. Use unscented soap, body wash, and deodorant, or light scents. Let your cologne rise to the top and reveal all its olfactory potential.

Finally, another aspect to keep in mind is your skin type. Cologne perfumes tend to stick longer to men with oily skin while drier skins tend to absorb perfume more quickly. If you have dry skin, do not hesitate to put a little more of your favorite perfume (while repeating our mantra: “do not bathe in it”).

How to apply cologne

You have the cologne that you like, the one that corresponds to the season, which symbolizes an expression of your inner (and outdoor) humanity and which will be a powerful partner of your well-groomed beard. It’s time to learn how to apply all this.

Here are some good ways to apply your favorite cologne before acting in a hurry and spoiling its positive effects:

Step 1

First of all, you must know that the cologne consists of molecules that break down over time. It evaporates in layers, starting with its top notes and working until the base notes are gone. Your goal is to apply it in a way that takes longer to break down.

Step 2

The best time to apply cologne is after the shower. That’s when your skin’s pores open the most, allowing the skin to “trap” as much cologne as possible. You will also waste less cologne. Putting your cologne on when you have not showered is rarely a good idea.

Step 3

Beware of applying cologne if you use soaps, shower gels, deodorants, etc. Strong perfumes may cover or alter the smell of cologne.

Step 4

Determine your skin type. The scent of a cologne tends to last longer for men with oily skin, while drier skins tend to absorb the scent more quickly. If you have dry skin, you can apply a little more cologne than men with oily skin – but do not go too far! Cologne is not intended to serve as a marinade.

Step 5

Make sure you have dried your skin well before applying cologne.

Step 6

Identify the areas of your skin that give off the most heat because they have the blood vessels closest to the surface of your skin. Applying cologne to these areas will help its scent last all day. What are your pulse points? Your neck, your wrists and behind your ears. Your shoulders and elbows are other hot spots.

Step 7

Spray your cologne on your pulse points at a distance of 8 to 15 centimeters. Test the nozzle by first spraying cologne in the air. There is nothing worse than a defective nozzle that acts like a water gun. Spraying by zone should be sufficient, especially in the case of high quality cologne such as those discussed above.

Step 8

Do not spread cologne on parts of the body where you tend to sweat more than in other parts of the body (such as underarms for example). If you do, your perfume will fade while your day is far from over.

Step 9

Depending on the longevity of the cologne and how you apply it, the fragrance should last you all day long. However, there is nothing wrong with reapplying for as long as you do not overdo it.

Step # 10

Feel free to experiment with new areas of your skin to apply your cologne, but do not be too reckless. In addition, there is a school of thought that says you can apply cologne to your clothes, but be careful not to apply too much, as this may stain your clothes.

Some tips to go further

Tip # 1 – If you use aftershave, use the same brand of cologne. The superposition of different scents is not a good idea because we are left with scents that do not flatter each other.

Tip # 2 – There is a school of thought that suggests that putting cologne on your clothes is perfectly acceptable, especially on the top of your shirt or jacket. The spray can be directed on the collar and a part on your neck. The neck is considered a hot spot to maximize the scent of your cologne. But beware of the application of the product on your clothes because some colognes leave stains.

Tip # 3 – Most colognes can be applied once a day and retain their fragrance for the duration of the day. However, there is nothing wrong with applying it again, depending on how the level of acidity in your body reacts to the oils in the cologne.

Tip # 4 – We have already mentioned the pulse points and how they are potentially the best places to place your cologne, but feel free to experiment. Do not spray on an area where the odor will be hidden.

Tip # 5 – Like many things, cologne has a shelf life. The average life of a bottle is 3 to 5 years, so pay close attention to the expiration date of your bottle. Old cologne tends to smell alcohol after it has passed its point of efficiency. Also, if you have a bottle that has been around for a long time and you have not used it for a while, then do not spray it on yourself.

Tip # 6 – Eating well is a smart thing to do to get a healthy lifestyle. Just like not smoking. And in addition to the positive effects on your body, this healthy lifestyle can also have positive effects on your cologne. Eating spicy and fatty foods while pounding beer will change your smell: spicy foods make you sweat more than usual, so it’s not a good thing for your cologne. Smoking will also change the smell you emit everyday.

Other things to know

Choosing the right cologne for you is not as difficult as you can imagine. As they say, knowledge is power and we hope to provide you with the kind of knowledge that will make your buying choice easier and more appropriate.

Test the products before buying

Never buy Cologne, perfume or eau de toilette without having first tried it on your skin. It is one thing to test the bottle but it is another to put it on your skin and allow to interact with the chemistry of your dermis. And the smell on your skin may be slightly different from the skin on the next guy’s skin.

be patient

Put it on your skin and be patient. A quality perfume needs about 15 minutes to react with your skin and to show its essence. As a rule, the spicier the scent, the stronger it becomes when given time to linger on the skin.

Trust your instinct (and your nose)

You can do a ton of research, read customer reviews, look at the labels and find a lot of details about the base notes of each fragrance. Not that it’s a bad way to find information about a specific brand, but the way you react to its smell is a feeling, an emotion that you will not find on a label. Trust your instinct.

Be accompanied for the purchase

Even if you trust your instinct, why not bring someone with you, especially another important woman or a trusted friend? One of the reasons you wear cologne is that it is a tool of seduction. We do not say that the cologne guarantees that you will conclude direct but it is good to have the most effective tools at your disposal. You can also buy your next cologne with another man. Make sure that someone you trust enough to tell you that some cologne is acting on your skin or not.

The year of the sale

The Colognes, like wine, undergo slight variations each year, so be aware of the year of release of a cologne. A certain brand may seem a little different from one year to another, while some perfumes are adapted to the changes of fashion and style of a certain era. The good ones, however, survived the changes while remaining a popular choice.

The composition of the eau de cologne

The composition refers to the different elements that make up a perfume, such as leather or sandalwood notes and the best colognes usually have a unique composition that separates them from the rest. It’s hard to judge the makeup and what you see on the label is often written by marketers. However, all fragrances contain important elements that combine to form the fragrance as a whole:

Top Notes  : These are the first notes of perfume that hit the nose immediately after applying your cologne and that disappears quickly.

Heart Notes : These are notes that last up to an hour after application.

Base notes: The base notes are the motor of any fragrance and bring up the back. These are the notes that last several hours after the application.

The composition is another reason to test a scent with a sample that you leave on for up to 15 minutes. By then, the initial notes are gone and you are much closer to experiencing the overall smell of cologne, ie the scent that will last you all day.

Do not be afraid of small marks

Do not just go for a designer brand that has the support of a celebrity. Small brands often focus on one thing, colognes, and perfumes and their goal is to produce products of the highest quality. Do not be distracted by the brand or the name behind it.

What is the difference between perfumes and eau de toilette?

We have covered many product descriptions in this complete buying guide: Eau de Toilette, Cologne, Eau de Toilette. You may say, “What’s the difference? And we will not be angry with you. Indeed, fragrances are available in a wide range of formats and concentrations and, in some cases, the differences are not so great. The main difference lies in the concentration or the number of oils in the perfume. Let’s look at it more closely.


Cologne and Eau de Toilette are quite interchangeable, especially for men’s perfumes. Yes, Cologne is not only dedicated to men. The concentration of perfumed Cologne oil is between 2% and 5%, which is lower than other types of perfumes. And their scents tend to be lighter and include citrus scents without strong background notes.

Eau de toilette

They have the same purpose and can be referenced to one another without confusing consumers. Eau de toilette, however, is the most common fragrance and its oil concentration ranges from 5 to 10%, which is the concentration most frequently used in high-end fragrances. The smell will reach its peak about two to three hours before it begins to fade, which is helpful if you work in a crowded office where your colleagues may not want to breathe a strong smell all day long.


The perfume is the most concentrated form of perfume, the scented oil representing 20 to 40% of its consistency. It is therefore not surprising that the smell of a perfume can last all day, if not more. Attention however before buying because there is a big difference between cheap perfumes and the best brands.


Not all perfumes are the same although they certainly belong to the same family. Eau de Parfum has a lower concentration of scented oils (12 to 15%) than perfumes and provides a fragrance that should last from four to eight hours. Essential oils give scents their real scent while other ingredients help trap the scent in your skin. Another thing to note about Eau de Parfum: it is traditionally unisex and used by men and women.


To conclude

In summary, the amount of toilet water, where and when you apply it is often a matter of personal preference. Try it on different areas of your body while knowing that some areas may be better than others. Some scents are better for certain seasons. And never forget, do not go in the perfume. Like many things in life, do not abuse good things.

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