How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

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Hello Beautiful! This month the box Guapabox has among its selection of products a perfume of Flor de Mayo that you will love. A delicate floral aroma with oriental notes, sensual, and feminine. In a practical spray format, ideal to carry in your bag. But, did you know how to make your fragrance last all day as freshly applied? Today in Guapabox we tell you.

Tips  to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

1. Hydrate your skin in depth

It is completely proven, if your skin is dry, the aroma of perfumes disappears after a few hours. However, if you dedicate a few minutes to moisturize your skin, after the shower, we assure you that you will get your fragrance to remain intact throughout the day.

2. Apply it on the parts of the body where there is a pulse

It’s a trick you’ve always known because it was already used by our grandmothers. Ideally for the perfume to last for more hours is to apply it to the areas of the body where it has struck since the temperature there is higher and evaporates slowly: behind the ears, wrists, clavicles or even behind the knees.

3. Apply neutral petrolatum on key points

If, in addition, you want the fragrance to last much longer, apply some vaseline of neutral odor at those strategic points that we mentioned. This product stays with the perfume and makes it go slowly releasing, making it last much longer.

4. Spray in the air and get under

Applying the fragrance directly on your hair or your clothes can damage them but, a good way to perfume them indirectly is to spray in the air and get quickly under that slight mist to fall on us. Try it, you will love the tip!

5. Use other products from the same line

In general, brands usually sell other products with the same aroma as your perfume, for example, shower gel, moisturizing lotion, body mist … Get them and you will get, so, apply your favorite fragrance in layers making it last throughout the day on the skin.

Now you know everything to make your perfume last all-day Did you know any of these tips? Do you want to tell others? Share your wisdom with Guapabox through our social networks.

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