Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men

Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men

Tom Ford is one of the best fashion designers and he is a legend in the fragrance market. The Tom ford initial perfume was launched in 2006 by the name of Black Orchid. The black orchid was made for women and got a reputation in the fragrance market.

Later on, for men, tom ford for men was launched. He has more than 100 fragrances collections.

But now most of the tom ford perfumes are unisex.  There are many best tom ford colognes for men which have a unique mixture of notes and scents. These cologne have a luxurious and unique scent.

If you are in hurry?

I would like to recommend buying TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille or  Tom Ford Noir Extreme.

Tom Ford’s cologne focus on male-oriented scents. They are the best match for the modern man. The best Tom Ford Perfume for Men not only has a great smell but also long-lasting.

The Tom Ford Cologne has a good impression. You will get many compliments. Tom Ford perfume has a great smell that will attract people and increase your confidence.

List of Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men

Product Name




Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino 

Tom Ford Private Blend Noir De Noir

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men 

Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Oud

Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau De Parfume

Tom Ford Fabulous EDP


Tom Ford Private Blend Oud – Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men

best tom ford cologne for men

Tom ford oud wood perfume is the most famous brand in the world. Oud is produced from rare trees (agarwood) that grow in a specific area. That is why oud fragrance is expensive in the market.  Tom ford oud wood cologne is one of the most wearable oud in the fragrance market because of its great smelling.

Oud is the main ingredient of this perfume. It is versatile, bold, and grabs people’s attention. Its fragrance is spicy, sweet, and woody. The top notes include oud, sandalwood while the middle notes cardamom, vanilla. The base notes have amber, tonka beans, and vetiver.

It is a kind of masculine scent with a mixture of wood and cardamom. Tom ford scent is suitable for office use, special events, dates, and night parties. You can wear it in winter, spring, fall, and summer.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Eau De Parfume – 

best tom ford perfume for men

Tom ford Tuscan leather is one the best quality cologne in the fragrance world. This perfume was launch in 2007. It is the first bold scent that enters the tom ford private blend collection.

It may boost your confidence and attract more people to you. Just one or two sprays is enough for the whole day and grabs the crowd’s attention. It is a kind of smoky, fruity, and leather scent.

The top notes include whiskey, boozy, sultry angle, spicy, fresh raspberry, saffron, and thyme. The middle notes consist of cinnamon, olibanum, light jasmine, and coriander. The base notes have tobacco, leather, oud, amber, sandalwood, incense, and vanilla.

You can work in the day and nighttime and casual events. The scent is long-lasting and stays with you all day long. This fragrance will make you different from the crowd. The fragrance is more masculine and animalic accords.

It is a woody, spicy scent and both men and women can use this perfume.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino – 

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is a unisex perfume brand. This perfume was launch in 2011. It is one of the primary fragrances in the tom ford collection. It has multiple qualities with woodsy and undertones that is why men and women like it.

Neroli Portofino fragrance easily gets people’s attention. It is strong and lasts longer cologne. You can use this perfume any time of the day and at any event.

The top notes consist of bergamot, neroli, and blood orange. The heart notes include lavender, galbanum, basil, orange blossom. While the base notes have light leather, woods, and musk.

It is a fresh scent. When you wear it, you will feel energetic and modern.

Tom Ford Noir De Noir – 

Tom Ford Noir De Noir

Tom Ford Noir De Noir is the 12 perfume that is sold under the private blend collection. It is a gentle and sensual cologne. It gives new energy and confidence.

The top of Noir De Noir is black truffle, black rose. While the heart notes have vanilla, tree moss. The base notes patchouli.

It is kind of earthy and Rosey accord. The patchouli gives a romantic feel to perfume and best for dating nights and special occasions. You can’t use this perfume for the office.

It is suitable for both men and women. If you want to avoid the strong patchouli scent then avoid this perfume.

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille – 

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is the most popular cologne in the private blend collection. It is the best and long-lasting tom ford fragrance. The perfume scent is natural and can make you addicted. The first spray is a little harsh but later on, it calms down.

Its top notes contain vanilla, cocoa, and tobacco flower. The middle notes include wood sap and dry fruit. While the base notes consist of tobacco leaf and spice.

It has a spicy-sweet, creamy vanilla blend with tobacco leaf and woody dried fruit notes. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a unisex perfume.  It is suited for nighttime and the best events. It is not everyday and casual fragrance. 1-2 spray is enough to get compliments. It is a fresh, dark, bright, long-lasting, and bold scent.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men – 

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men

Tom ford noir extreme was launched in 2015. It is warm, spicy with citrus notes. The noir extreme is an affordable perfume and it is the collection from signature collection.

The Noir Extreme top notes have neroli, Corian, Thai basil, mandarin, patchouli, and nutmeg. The heart notes have floral, jasmine, rose, cedarwood, Parma violet, and orange blossom. The base notes include amber, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, black plum cardamom, and woody. It is a subtle and long-lasting scent.

It is best for formal events. You will get everyone’s attention and plenty of compliments. Women love the noir extreme fragrance.

Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Oud – 

Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Oud

Tom ford tobacco oud is a powerful and high-quality cologne in the fragrance market. This cologne was launched in 2013.  It has a woody, spicy scent. Both men and women can use tobacco oud but more lean towards men.

Its top notes have whiskey boozy, sultry angle, and spicy. The middle notes contain herby concoction, cinnamon, and coriander. The base notes have tobacco, oud, sandalwood, incense, and vanilla.

It is pure masculine and suitable for casual situations. Tobacco is the main ingredient in this scent.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather – 

Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Tom ford ombre leather was launched in 2018. Its price is affordable. The fruity leather with a light floral scent is fresh and lighter.

The top notes of ombre leather have saffron, spices, thyme, and bloom jasmine. The middle notes include raspberry, amber, and black suede. The base note has leather.

Ombre leather perfume fragrance makes your appearance different from the rest of the crow. One spray is enough to attract the people and get plenty of compliments.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau De Parfume – 

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau De Parfume

Tom ford grey vetiver is the best office perfume. It has a clean earthy wood scent and base on vetiver.  The grey vetiver is fresh, classy masculine perfume. It can be used on all occasions and weather. The citrus base scent is fresh, long-lasting for more than 8 hours.

Its top notes include aromatic sage and grapefruit. The heart notes have warm woods of nutmeg, pimiento, and orris. While the base notes have oakmoss and amber woods.

It is a warm and fresh fragrance. You can wear it in the daytime and evening as well. It is a woodsy and well balance cologne.

Tom Ford Fabulous EDP – 

Tom Ford Fabulous EDP

Fabulous tom ford is launched in 2017 during New York fashion week. It is a creative luxury and unique fragrance. It gets people’s attention soon, once you wear it. Tom ford fabulous is a long-lasting fragrance.

Its top notes have clary, sage, and lavender. The middle notes have bitter almond, leather, orris, and vanilla. Similarly, the base notes have tonka bean, amber, woods, leather, and cashmere.

It is stand out in the citruses and gourmands fragrance. The tom ford fabulous has a sweet, leather, and nutty smell. You can use it in any weather. Best suited for formal, romantic, and special events such as date night and parties.


Tom Ford cologne is the best in the fragrance world. It has a luxurious, unique, and powerful scent. The fragrance you wore will stay longer and will get many compliments. They have different notes, so you can choose which suit your personality.

We hope you have found the best tom for cologne for men from the above mention list.

We recommend using TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille or  Tom Ford Noir Extreme. They both are the best tom ford cologne for men have a fresh scent and long-lasting impression.

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