Top 5 Best luxury perfumes brands  for women 2020.

Top 5 Best luxury perfumes brands  for women 2020.

Best luxury perfumes brands  for women

Ionic fragrances are the first perfumes issued by the finest international houses, for many years, but they remained the most prevalent among women despite the passage of time,

So it was not erased from memory and remained present today to match the most luxury perfumes brands in terms of luxury and sophistication.

women want to feel different from others, so she always tries to use unique and special perfume that can make her stand out from the rest of the people . 

we recommend you to use Yves Saint Laurent.  

Below, we will introduce you to the names of the best luxury perfumes for her that are indelible from memory.

Yves Saint LaurentTop luxury perfumes

The original version of this fragrance was launched in 1977, but its fragrance has been modified with every new edition, but the classic still dominates it. 

The main tone of this fragrance is vanilla, which is quietly integrated with a warm opium aroma. Just one-time application and the scent will last longer. 

 This perfume quickly became one of the top luxury perfumes in the world.


Opium (Yves Saint Laurent) black perfume
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CoCO  Mademoiselle By ChanelBest luxury perfume for her

Known globally as the most famous fragrance ever, Chanel was launched in 1921 as an example of femininity and beauty. This fragrance has a rare scent called Rose Centifolia, which is grown only in Grasse in France. It is one of the best luxury perfume for women

One day, the late star Marilyn Monroe said she only needs a few drops of Chanel No.5.

COCO Mademoiselle chanel perfume
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J’Adore from Dior Best high end cologne

This charming fragrance was designed in 1999 by Calice Becker, and since its launch has become the best-selling worldwide, and has since been developed with a number of different tones. 

It is an iconic fragrance that introduces a new concept of femininity, and its modern scent is in line with Dar Dior’s basic line.

Dior: J'Adore elegance and durability
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Red Door from Elizabeth Arden Most complimented fragrance

It is a classic, elegant and iconic fragrance, designed in 1989. It is a symbol of charm and luxury inspired by the famous Red Door Spa.

The heart of this fragrance includes ylang-ylang, orchid, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, orange blossom, wild violet and freesia, and base notes are honey, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Oil and dry skin affect the fragrance of the perfume.  Red Door is one of the most complimented fragrance perfume. 

Red Door from Elizabeth Arden
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Shalimar from Guerlain Cheap luxury perfumes

This oriental fragrance is a magical dream and has been a popular choice for women since 1924, and its fragrance remains immortal. 

Shalimar is the name of the place where the love story that brought together Indian prince Shah Jahan and Persian princess Mumtaz was celebrated, which inspired Jacques Guerlain to design the fragrance Shalimar. It is one of the cheap luxury perfume for women with a beautiful fragrance. 

Whose original bottle embodies the curves of the fountains that decorated the Indian palaces of the time.

Shalimar of Guerlain
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we recommend  Yves Saint Laurent. It is one of the best luxury perfume for women. Many women have used this perfume and found it the top luxury perfume brand.

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