How to Make Perfume Long Lasting?

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Being able to find how to make a perfume last lasting, with the same intensity and without spending large amounts of money on imported is undoubtedly the dream of many. The secret is a simple, neutral vaseline in key points.

Among many powerful weapons that any woman uses frequently to be able to conquer a man, a very special position occupies perfumes. It is no great mystery. Thanks to a rich fragrance chosen according to our personality we can effectively attract our “prey” and make us look more beautiful, pleasant, and charming. But do you know

How to Make Perfume Long Lasting


The human nose is one of the five senses and for some people plays a crucial role when it comes to casting an opinion about others. Let’s be honest: when someone we know does not smell too good, however sympathetic it may be. It can provoke the rejection of others. Although you can not blame them. Any person in their right mind would not be very comfortable with such a situation.

If only they are chosen with care. Since you have to know how to use different scents based on several factors. Perfumes can serve as a perfect “adornment” of a person. Very often we recognize the fragrances associating them with our loved ones.

They bring us memories and awaken nostalgia. We are sure that you can also say something about this type of sensation! Of course: all fragrances, however original, costly, and well-bred they are, share a common feature.

Although to be able to buy them. You have to spend a lot of money, and they are signed with the names of the prestigious brands that always guarantee their good quality. Often it is very difficult to preserve their aroma on the skin throughout the day. Due to the low concentration of its crucial ingredients. This fact is especially annoying in the case of the year de toilette colonies.

It is not surprising that, because of this, many perfume lovers feel quite frustrated. In order to afford the luxury of acquiring a true brand perfume, in many parts of the world you need to pay a lot of money, and the perfumed waters or cologne could be a less expensive substitute for them.

Of course, as long as their aroma does not blur totally in only hours!

Although most people are not even aware of it, there is a very simple, effective, and, above all, cheap trick, which helps to change it. Thanks to the proper use of a single cosmetic component (of which, we are sure, you also have) it is possible to preserve the fragrance in the body from morning to night . would you like to realize what is it about?

The secret is to use it. Neutral, non-perfumed Vaseline, as a base. In other words, if you want to keep smelling like a goddess 24 hours a day. First apply a little bit of it to the “always hot” points of your body (i.e, the neck, temples, inner parts of the wrists or the area between the breasts) and then, throw some of your favorite perfume on them. We can guarantee that the results will amaze you!

In addition to having many other properties that are quite useful. Vaseline acts on different areas of your body will act as a “traps aromas” and prevent the smell of your perfume disappears from your skin. This should be of great help especially to people with dry skin: the cosmetics, at the same time, will be able to moisturize and protect the skin.

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