The Best Perfume for Women in the World (2020)

The Best Perfume for Women in the World (2020)

Best Perfumes of all Time

Are you interested to know the best perfume for women in 2020?

Then you are at the right place to know the best perfume. Research showed that it is not the price of a perfume that determines how it smells or how it long last. Select the best scent can be difficult and sometimes annoying.

Also, sales assistants showing you different fragrances and push their own personal favorite scent to you. Just convincing you false advice to get you to buy. Now the different questions will arise in your mind and confuse you.

Which fragrance should I buy? Is it a long-lasting scent? Is it for summer or winter? Is it good for the office or the club? Will I get compliments?

But don’t worry ….

You can avoid all this out. We have done all the researched for you. We are assured these are the best perfume for women in the market today. We also confirm that the best fragrance for each season and situation, making it easy for you to choose.

Now we would like to share the result with you.

Things to remember before choosing a perfume.

Some necessary things to consider before choosing perfume like season (temperature) and situation.

Why is that important?

In cooler temperature (winter season) fragrances that are used to be like vanilla perfume because it is so strong and has sweet-smelling. If you winter perfume in the summer heat it will become cloying and everyone around you will be gagging.

Choose your scent intelligently.

Similarly, a fresh perfume that is designed for hotter weather such as a coconut-based scent will not perform as well in the colder winter month and may not last long. Some perfume is designed for casual wear, some for romantic date setting and some for the office. For example, a perfume for a teenage girl that was best suited to be worn in the club would make a poor choice for you to wear in the office.

Using sexy scent for work will not work well for you.  Don’t make this mistake. In addition, perfume can even be designed for daytime and nighttime usage. Some scents are best for indoor situations and some for the outdoor.

Many perfumes are also designed for all seasons and all situations, making them versatile. These kinds of perfumes can make a perfect signature scent for you.

Don’t be confused, because we have done all the work out of choosing the best perfume for you. We will show you the perfect scent to get.

How did we choose?

The rules for the best selections are simple. Our purpose is to select perfumes that are long-lasting, high quality, reasonable price and having the amazing smell and be mass appealing.

As I mentioned before that expensive perfume is not always the best smelling perfume, even some did smell great but having a smell for an hour and disappear into the air.  A good perfume must be long-lasting and to justify the price. Some perfumes are designed affordable prices, smelled amazing and have high-quality ingredients and long-lasting.

Things to watch out for.

Several companies frequently reformulate the ingredients of their fragrances and sometimes due to new ER Regulations.

This is a big problem.

This is why your favorite smelling perfume that used to performed all the day after a single use unexpectedly start to last for two hours and doesn’t smell as good as before.  It gets worse…

This is a waste of money .yes it sucks when your favorite perfume gets reformulated.

We have got you covered…

You don’t have to worry about these pitfalls because we keep on top of the fragrance game.The formulation of the latest perfume is long-lasting, smell amazing and sure to get you lots of compliments. Before listing the best perfume for women in 2020, lets quick brief fragrances.

What are perfumes?

Perfumes are complex scented mixture of abstract from natural sources like essential oils and synthetic raw materials that are mixed with solvent and fixatives to produce a pleasing liquid scent. This is called perfume or parfum or Eau de Parfum etc.

Difference between Parfum,Eau de Parfum, Perfume and Eau de Toilette.

Different names are used to define the concentration of pure perfume oil in fragrance. The higher the concentration of pure perfume oil the greater the strength of the fragrance. The strength will determine how long a single use of fragrance lasts on your skin and how much scent will remain on your skin.

List from strongest to the weakest concentration of the scent.

# parfum Extrait ( Perfume Extract or Parfum). It contains 15-40 % of perfume oils. This is the expensive and strongest concentrated scent.

# Eau de Parfum ( EdP ). It contains 10-20 % of perfume oils. Sometimes called Eau de Perfume or millesime.  This is the strength sold as perfume.

# Eau de Toilette ( EdT ). It contains 5-15 % of perfume oils. This is the common strength sold in men’s fragrance but it is also used for women fragrance.


                       Top-rated best perfumes for women 2020.


#1. Lancome – La Nuit Tresor ( The best perfume for night time )

 A sweet, fruity feminine, a mass appealing masterpiece.

This is the rich and most gorgeous women’s perfume. The smell of rose-vanilla caramel with raspberry, so seductive, dark and sweet at the same time. A gourmand for grown-ups.

Mouthwatering deliciousness!

La Nuit Tresor is not a daytime fragrance, this one is for the night. More suitable for the cooler month. Best for a night out, dates, the club.

Now, remember!

Don’t spray too much for the best result. less is more with this one because it has amazing lasting power, you can still smell when you wake up. If you are interested to get compliments from guys, from girls, from everyone then definitely apply this perfume.

This is the top perfume in the market for sexy smelling.

Tresor La Nuit by Lancome
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Guerlain – Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum  (The best perfume for daytime)

Seductive Guerlain Sexiness.

Guerlain has lastly jumped on the bandwagon of great mass appealing fragrances. MON Guerlain is a very stylish oriental vanilla gourmand with a bit of floral-fruity vibe.

Lavender mixture with amber, vanilla, and Tonka that has a lovable sweetness about it and works great. It is sweet but not too sweet. Also, the use of sandalwood in the base makes it a little creamy and it became semi-gourmand dry down. This is juice is versatile.  MON Guerlain is an attractive fragrance that will garner you an unbelievable number of compliments.

This nice perfume smell just like a regular perfume but a few critical notes that are confirmed to arouse men. Comforting Lavender and tasty Licorice. Other notes of vanilla and sandalwood are also erotic.

Guerlain - Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum
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# 2 Parfums de Marly – Delina (unique scent ) must try it.

A unique, fresh fruity floral. This perfume is perfectly stunner. An amazing mixture of sweet notes, fruity notes and floral notes with added vanilla. Sweet velvety rose and litchi mixture smells with combination unique rhubarb note, which gives it a hint of sourness.

A very sweet, sexy and addictive perfume.                                                                                                                Delina is long-lasting and very versatile. You can use this perfume all the time daytime, night time, dressed up, dressed down, in the cold weather and in the hot weather.

Moreover, every age of girl and woman can use it and will get insane reactions and better compliments. And you know men crazy for this kind of scent. The bottle of this perfume is also very beautiful.

Parfums de Marly – Delina
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# 2 Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle (Eau de Parfum Version)

The top-rated perfume for women. The smell of this perfume is tremendous. COCO Mademoiselle is a professional fragrance for women. A nice white floral that is long lasting and will gather you a lot of compliments.

Women keep rebuying it because of its good fragrance what is why it has been the best seller perfume for many years.

The beautify of this perfume that all ages of girls and women can be worn all year round in spring and summer because it provides long lasting freshness.

COCO Mademoiselle chanel perfume
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# 4 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

Dolce & Gabbana ( Light Blue Eau Intense ) is a much better smelling and long-lasting perfume. This perfume is very smooth and super pleasant. It has a very refreshing, uplifting, citrusy scent and fruity apple vibe combined with some florals.

Smells the original version but creamier and thicker which makes it fantastic.

This new release is stronger Eau de Parfum concentration and lasts longer than the original Eau de Toilette version. Best choice for hot summer and for daytime use. Also, work perfectly in spring and fall.

So this perfume is so safe, the mass-appealing scent that will be sure to get the best compliments.

Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue
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# 5 Lancôme – La Vie Est Belle L’ÉclatEau de Parfum

This perfume is very sweet, fresh and seductive. It is the orange blossom star. Lancome is the newer, fresher and lighter version of amazing original La Vie Est Belle de Parfum.  It is much better and unique.

La Vie Est Belle is French for life is beautiful and this indeed a beautiful perfume. It is semi-fresh, fruity vibe mix sweetness and slight florals. It is sensual and addictive. This perfume is long-lasting and a big compliment getter.

In short, this perfume is suitable for everything, everybody, the office, a date, etc.

A stylish and perfect smelling perfume that attracts everyone. Its bottle is also very nice.

Lanc ô me : La vie est belle
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 # 6 Elie Saab – Girl of Now

If you are interested to smell different from the rest then definitely try this perfume. Gils of now as the name suggest, this perfume mostly use younger, modern girl. It’s playful and easy to apply. It has creative fragrance DNA. 

This perfume is a mixture of unique white floral scent that is sweet and sugary. It is stylish and well put together fragrance.

Its smell is like pear and orange with creamy fresh roasted pistachio vibe. You can use this perfume in spring but it is best for the fall and winter season.

Girl call now perfume is the best performance and gets lots of compliments.

Elie Saab - Girl of Now
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#7 Tiffany & Co ( Tiffany Intense Eau de Parfum )

This perfume is a masterpiece. An excellent release from Tiffany and Co. is so much better. Tiffany intense is a fair perfume that has superb unique fragrance DNA and is mass appealing.

This perfume is a mixture of faint citrus note, smooth floral and primarily the powdery iris vibe. It has the best lasting performance for a fresh scent and its bottle is gorgeous.

With notes including blackcurrant, rose, ylang-ylang, iris, Tiffany & Co.’s Sheer Eau De Toilette is neat, stylish, feminine and floral. Ideal for the sunny spring season.

This beautiful fragrance is well suited for spring, evening outs, dressy events.

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# 8.  Dior ( Miss Dior Eau De Parfum )

This is a super versatile perfume with sweet, fresh fruity floral. Its smell like rose candy with little citrus on the top. It is class and Juicy delicious, kind of sexy. This is perfectly versatile. you can wear this everywhere, anytime and it also has good lasting power.

Miss Dior blooming bouquet is like spring in a bottle. It is so floral and scents like a pink rose, peonies, bergamot, and musk. This perfume can be used all-female of any age. The fragrance of this perfume is timeless and long-lasting. Slightly use of this scent will go long the day and you will get lots of compliments when meeting with your friends.

Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior
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# 9 Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal

This perfume is sensual, sweet like honey and delicious. This is a mixture of honey fragrance with blood orange and unique peach and licorice note. Men love this kind of perfume. Scandal is also so sweet.

This perfume is more suitable for the younger crowd but could be worn by all ages. Perfect to use in cooler weather an outstanding playful scent that is best for a night out, club, dates, parties. Super smell and long-lasting.

Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal
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#  10.  Viva La Juicy Gold Couture

Juicy couture is the top version available in Viva La Juicy line up. This cold couture version contains sweet caramel with Viva La Juicy fragrance DNA, to create a perfectly gorgeous seductive scent.

The smells of this perfume are like caramel, vanilla, and sweet berries. Best suited for the winter and fall. Super to use for dates and evenings out.

All ages of women can utilize this perfume. You will get lots of best compliments.

Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy irresistible and sweet
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