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best cologne for men

Why should we use cologne?

That is the question for some of us. You should know that cologne can provide you many benefits. First, it can strengthen your self-confidence. Indeed, wearing perfume allows you to be different and have more personality. To feel good is to become more attractive and more attractive. 

According to research, women are more attracted to men who smell male. So, to seduce, go for the most complimented cologne can be a good idea. We have selected for you the best men’s cologne of all time on the market today. If you like pretty full-bodied scents, you can buy Paco Rabanne One Million. 

On the other hand, if you prefer fresh and light fragrances, choose the Eau de Toilette VERSACE MAN EAU FRAICHE. There will be other best male cologne scents that may interest you, so we invite you to read until the end. It is also considered one of the best men’s cologne Dolce & Gabbana light blue for men. 


Best Men’s Cologne – Top Selling Men Cologne

Product Name




1 Million by Paco Rabanne Men's Eau De Toilette Spray 

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace For Men Edt 

Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Toilette Spray

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette Spray

Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani for Men Eau De Toilette

Coach FOR MEN Eau de Toilette Spray

Polo Eau De Toilette/Cologne Spray By Ralph Lauren 

Kenneth Cole Black

Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Paco Rabanne One Million Best Men’s Cologne of All Time

Best Men's Cologne of All Time

One Million of Paco Rabanne is the best eau de parfum for men. With diversified scents on the three levels of notes, it combines both sensuality and freshness. Introduced by fruity top notes and completed by woody base notes, this blend affirms its specificity and uniqueness. 

It is certain that to seduce and at the same time to feel a certain degree of comfort, this eau de toilette has in itself only what is needed. Its fabulous 100ml packaging is part of the creations of a renowned designer.


Paco Rabanne One Million Eau de Toilette is made with essences carefully selected to have a particular fragrance, and that sets it apart from the crowd. If you are a person of character and you like to live through originality, no need to hesitate longer because your little pleasure is totally at hand.


In general, in order to determine which is the best cologne in the world, it is always quite common to look at expenses. And 1 Million Paco Rabanne is rather affordable if you consider the quality of its packaging, the characters of his fragrance and his outfit.


With its scent, Paco Rabanne 1 Million has a container designed to seduce and be irresistible. The power of seduction of this eau de toilette is, indeed, affirmed by its bottle imitating the gold bar. His class is then certified; and at the bottom and at the level of the form.

VERSACE MAN FRESH WATERBest Versace Cologne for Men

Best Versace Cologne for Men

This cologne for men is an exclusive production of the house VERSACE. It is contained in a 100 ml vaporizer, in the color of freshness itself: blue. It is a sensation inevitably sought by any user of perfumes. Having a long enough outfit to enjoy it as long as possible, we recommend it for casual outfits. 

This product exudes a light and sweet scent, but at the same time sexy and virile. Men with rather complex personalities will, in this sense, be the least disappointed.
This cologne is also of content long enough to last until the next day on clothes.

Be reassured that this is a fragrance that does not risk suffocating your entourage with its scents very fresh. Whether on a daily basis or for special occasions, using VERSACE MAN EAU FRAICHE is a pure source of elegant convenience. 

This fragrance has very varied and varied notes, including musk, smooth fruit, green leaves, etc. However, it is important to know that the way she is going to feel about you actually seduce the entourage will depend on some influential parameters.

It is mostly fresh, durable, and good smell throughout the day.

Yves Saint-Laurent Cologne Blue Best Perfume for Men in the World

Best Perfume for Men in the World

Yves Saint-Laurent Man Blue Cologne is the next best men’s cologne of all time from our list. With a volume of 60 ml, this 100% Yves Saint Laurent fragrance raises a personal and unique tone for men who want to define their personalities.

This eau de toilette is perhaps a symbol of refinement and sophistication for men. 

Flavored with a blend of citrus, cedarwood, and many other scents, you just can not resist it. With its freshness and lightness, it can even revive some beautiful notes of nostalgia.

Once it has been worn, we can not do without this cologne and we must experiment to feel it, and confirm. She seduces more than one with her exotic notes that are both energetic and delicious. Indeed, the top notes of Yves Saint Laurent The blue Cologne man, blood orange, grapefruit, black pepper, and many others. 

Its bottle is usually heavy, but at the same time very luxurious. Nevertheless, this cologne is very easy to wear for the most part. With it, the compliments will fall for sure or even rain. It is slight,  exquisite, and Fresh.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Men Best Colognes to Attract Females

Best Colognes to Attract Females

To continue with our list, let’s talk about Dolce & Gabanna’s unique and exclusive cologne, the Dolce & Gabbana light blue for men. Its charm comes first and foremost from the design of its 75 ml spray bottle. This fragrance highlights several traits of character, namely sensuality, and mystery.

Everyone knows that these are the characteristics that define seduction. And for hearts to take, what better than to be successful with ladies?

A small eau de toilette that smells incredibly good with these singular notes always makes a person happy to seduce.
Moreover, for a man who likes to take care of him and who loves the good things in life, this perfume is also ideal. It helps you to explore the unique scents that characterize the Mediterranean. 

At first, with this cologne, you will be able to feel various citrus, notes perpetuated towards their final by a slight woody smell. 

Even the most difficult people can be indisputably seduced by this cologne. Wearing itself for all occasions, its smell is at once clean, sexy, and of the best taste. It is Unique and exclusive Very cool Lightweight.

Jean-Paul Gaultier, Men’s Cologne Best Long Lasting Cologne for Men

Best Long Lasting Cologne for Men

The last product on this list, not least, is Jean Paul Gaultier’s Eau de Cologne pour Hommes. With these widely diversified notes, she is addressed to sensual and intense men. It is a fragrance that can be worn without seasonal restrictions, it is recommended for convivial and non-formal parties. 

If you want to talk about particularity, its bottle is built in the shape of a male torso dressed in a striped shirt, the emblematic patterns of the designer. Jean-Paul Gaultier, Cologne for Men already seduced a priori by its packaging. But what about its content?

Top notes are introduced through the scents of lavender, bergamot or mint. Then come to the heart notes that result in cinnamon, orange blossom, and caraway. And finally, arrive at the basic notes with cedar, vanilla, amber, etc.

As part of Premium perfumes, charm, sensuality, virility, seduction, and originality are gathered in this small 40 ml bottle. This eau de toilette has everything to please you, the choice is yours now and for you to see what suits you best.

It is an Affordable timeless original.

How to choose the best men’s cologne of all time

You will surely be faced with a multitude of choices during the purchase of your cologne. To help you decide which cologne to choose, follow our buying guide for the best colognes. We propose the criteria to consider to find the article which corresponds to you.

Indeed, you should consider the following: its composition, its use, and its packaging.

If you do not know how to buy a better value cologne, you can consult a price comparison and a comparison to discover the cheapest product. This also lets you know where to buy the best men’s cologne.

Its composition

At the time, the cologne contained mainly lavender, bergamot, and rosemary. But over time, perfumers have added other components to have new scents and to offer modern products, subtle and graceful.

Today we can find colognes with floral notes that are very light and vegetal. They are generally composed of orange blossoms, jasmine, or rose. They allowing them to bring a feeling of well-being to their user. 

Regarding the eau de cologne with fruity notes, they are sweet and tart. Touches of passion fruit, rhubarb, or tangerine are incorporated into this type of cologne. There is also the cologne with spicy notes and woody notes that are most used by men.

Its use

We have just seen the different compositions of colognes. Now it’s time to know what type of cologne corresponds to what kind of event or circumstance. This allows you to adopt the perfume adapted to each situation. 

If you plan to go to a party, to winter days or to official gatherings, you are advised to opt for a scent of the most wooded, why not cedarwood or leather. For daytime events, wear a lively, energizing scent. 

On the other hand, if you need to boost your self-confidence, for example, you will make an important statement in a professional setting, choose a spicy fragrance cologne. If it’s a date,

It’s packaging

In order to choose the best cologne, it is also crucial to consider its packaging. If you do not have enough space or if you plan to store your perfume in your closets, it is recommended to choose a small compact enough cologne. On the other hand, if you wish to expose it, do not hesitate to opt for pretty bottles. 

It is also important to check the tightness of the cap, especially when it comes to a splash. Also, make sure your sprayed cologne produces a uniform mist so there is no more scented area than others.

Choosing a clear bottle can be beneficial. This lets you know when you will need to restock. Some perfume bottles are ergonomic and easy to apply, but the most important is to have a cologne with a long-lasting scent.

Our opinion on the best men’s cologne

If all the conditions are now met to convince you to buy a men’s cologne, we will help you compare the market prices and compare them with the qualities of each product offered. Follow the section above carefully and you will have no trouble choosing what you need.

How to use a men’s cologne?

Now that you have an idea of ​​where to buy a new men’s cologne, let’s move on to the second step. Although its use does not require many precautions, most men do not know how to use it properly. Here are our tips for a better application.

Use of cologne:

Whether it’s the best brand of men’s cologne or cheap cologne, the instructions for use are the same. The bottom line is that you knew how to choose the best men’s colognes. Contrary to what you can believe, two or three sprays are more than enough to perfume your body in the most efficient way. 

It is therefore strongly advised not to perfume excessively at the risk of annoying those around you. However, if you really feel the need, you can scent several times a day. Also avoid rubbing with your hand when applying cologne, as this may distort a large part of the perfume. 

In addition, for better efficiency, take a hot shower to open the pores of your skin. This allows you to soak up some cologne. You can also put some moisturizer like shea.

Zone to apply:

To give you more freshness and well-being, here are generally the areas where applying a scent: wrists, torso, neck, thighs, or underarms. It will simply be necessary to choose two zones from this list. However, you can apply cologne to other parts of your body depending on your activities and your personal needs. 

For a non-vigorous activity for example, simply scent your neck and wrist. And for romantic evenings, why not opt ​​for an application behind the ear? Note that it is best to apply cologne to areas not exposed to the sun.

Other uses of cologne:

As cologne is versatile, buying a new one is never a waste. Besides on your skin, it also has its place in household uses. First, to deodorize and perfume your clothes, you can add a few drops of cologne either in the tub of your washing machine, or a small cloud in the water tank of the iron.

However, we advise you to use colorless colognes to avoid staining. It can also shine your green plants. With a mixture of water and two drops of cologne, wash the leaves of your plants, not only to disinfect them but especially to protect them from insects.


Q1: What is the difference between eau de toilette and eau de Cologne?

The difference between these two products lies in their design and use. The cologne is a solution dosed between 4% to 6% in gasoline concentration. Eau de toilette is scented water that concentrates 7% to 12% of gasoline.

The cologne with its alcohol-based concentration is a little less and evaporates a little faster than the eau de toilette. But cologne is much easier to use and remains a very affordable product at price and completion.

Q2: How to choose a men’s cologne?

The choice of a cologne usually depends on the environment in which you operate. There are those reserved for sports. Due to the sweat that escapes during a session, the cologne can quickly evaporate. It is then necessary to choose your cologne according to your activity. 

There are also those that are made according to the seasons, whether hot or cold, there is always a product adapted to the climate. Moreover, your perfume reveals your personality, and the scent released by the cologne will have certain effects on your emotions.

Q3: What to do to make the applied cologne last longer?

Although the cologne can evaporate faster, it can very well increase its duration on our skin. To prolong the hold on your skin, it is necessary to take a hot shower before the application of the cologne, this will help your pores to open and incorporate the perfume to contain it. Keeping your cologne safe from the heat and sun also can increase the product’s shelf life and keep the fragrance in optimum condition.

Q4: Where on the body should you apply the cologne?

The areas where one applies the cologne on the body play on his outfit. If applied on a zone of great sweat, the effect of the product is ephemeral. To preserve the scent of cologne, we advise you to apply it on the part of your body that transpires little such as the neck, wrists … It should be noted that the cologne contains odorous substances that can cause allergies in some people.

Q5: What is the “essence” in perfumes and cologne?

The word “essence” used here is nothing more than a concentrate of perfume, in the form of oil or juice. These oils are extracted from a plant or wood extract according to the choice of the manufacturer, to give a good scent to your cologne. 

These concentrated perfumes will then be diluted in denatured ethyl alcohol or ethanol with distilled water to neutralize the high amount of perfume in a finished product. And the freshness that we feel comes from alcohol accelerates evaporation.

Men’s Cologne: The power to smell good

If you are new to the world of men’s cologne, you may be thinking, “I shower. That should not be enough? ” Of course. If you do not want to make a statement and you like to melt into the crowd. But if you do not like it, consider these reasons for wearing cologne. 

Let’s talk about attracting a partner. Extensive research has shown that a man’s smell and sexual attraction are strongly linked to others’ eyes. 

Studies have found that many women prefer men who they think to smell male. There is certainly some cologne that creates this masculine scent. In addition, women have a finer sense of smell, so you can be sure they will detect your cologne.

Feeling good will also strengthen your self-confidence. This means that a good cologne increases your attractiveness in two ways: first, the smell alone is attractive, and secondly, the way it makes you feel makes you behave in an attractive way for others. 

You must admit that you feel better overall when you feel good. Something about the emission of a pleasant aroma gives the feeling of having his life in order.

The way you feel can also do good for others. The olfactory bulb, which relays odor information to your brain, is strongly related to the parts of the brain involved in memories and emotions.

So, a cologne that smells of ocean breezes can remind someone of the beach vacation he took when he was a kid with his family, and bring back all those happy feelings.

By wearing the right cologne, you can make sure that people around you feel comfortable, lifted, safe, satisfied, and many other positive emotions. Who would not want to do that? It is a power that will be useful to you at work and in your personal life.

Tips and tricks for wearing the best men’s cologne of all time

Wearing cologne is not just about choosing the first one with a nice bottle and spreading it every day. There is so much more than the art of wearing perfume. Let’s start by discussing the place on your body where you should apply some cologne

If you put it in the right places, a little bit can go a long way. Put cologne on areas of your body that create heat, such as the neck, chest, forearm, wrist, elbow, and jaw. These are your pulse points. The heat that emerges from these areas helps to push the aroma of your cologne into the environment around you.

Only one spray or buffer should be sufficient in any of these areas. And do not do them all at the same time; choose only a few. Never put cologne on your clothes as this may stain them.

If you want your cologne to last a long time on your skin, take a good hot shower before putting it on. The steam of the shower will open your pores, which will make your skin more apt to absorb the scent of the cologne. Then apply a good moisturizer, such as shea butter, before applying it. Cologne quickly dissipates on dry skin. 

Specifically, apply a moisturizer on your pulse points. You can also try to put some cologne on your hairbrush if you wish because your hair holds the smell well. Do not put the product directly on your braids, as this can dry out your scalp.

You will need to stop using scented soaps and aftershaves if you want to use cologne. You do not want the smells of a mixture with each other; it will just result in a muddy and unpleasant odor. Also, check the expiration date on your colognes.

Many people do not realize that cologne only lasts about three years. After that, his natural oils die, leaving you with an acid odor. 

As a precaution, always try a small amount of new cologne before applying it completely. You want to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction. 

You will also discover that some perfumes harmonize better with your natural fragrance than others, so even if a particular cologne can smell good on a piece of test paper, it may not be as pleasant to apply on your skin.

How to choose the best men’s cologne of all time

When you’re ready to choose your Best men’s cologne of all time, think about when and where you’ll use it. For daytime events, summer use, or sports clubs, you may want one with bright, energizing notes, like grapefruit or ocean breeze. For parties, official gatherings, or winter days, you may want something more woody, like leather or cedar wood. 

If you want to make a statement in a professional setting and exude confidence, look for a bold fragrance that features spices. If it is a romantic evening and you need to produce yourself, you can try perfumes such as pumpkin pie, lavender or licorice, which have aphrodisiac effects.

When it comes to the bottle if you work with little space and you need to store it in your medicine cabinet, choose a small compact cologne. If you are all about exposure, there are some beautifully designed bottles that you will be happy to post out of the closet. 

It is also important that sprayed colognes create a nice and even mist so that you do not have too much concentration on an area. A transparent bottle will let you know when you need to buy more. This should help minimize the chances of being exhausted when you really need it.

Some colognes include some other useful features like a hanging loop for storage or a slim bottle that you can easily carry in your pocket. Some also have ergonomic bottles, which makes them easy to grasp when you apply them. 

Make sure your cologne is sized to maintain its potency for several years. As you will only use a few sprays at a time, you want to make sure that the smell will last as long as the contents.

We would like to recommend you to use 1 Million by Paco Rabanne and Dolce & Gabbana light blue for men. 

They both are the best men’s cologne of all time. Many men have used these perfumes and satisfied with the fragrance.

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