Best Moisturizing Body Cream

 We are not all born equal when it comes to skin issues. If some can do without applying body milk all their life. Others must be forced to do so in certain areas during the cold winter months. Even daily and in all seasons for the unlucky ones (like the author of its lines). 

But it can also become a fun time when you know the right products. Here is the verdict of the best moisturizing body cream with the best quality-price-pleasure ratio.

How was the test?

Since I have the driest skin in open space. I naturally volunteered. Based on my experience as a great eczematous since childhood. A fashion and beauty journalist used to test new products. And several opinions studied on the internet, I selected the body cream

I spent at least a week with each product. During a capricious month of February passing overnight from winter to summer and vice versa, in order to express my verdict.

List of the Best Moisturizing Body Cream

John Masters OrganicsBest non greasy body lotion for dry skin

Insiders already knew this confidential brand for its natural hair products with certain organic ingredients But it also produces some equally green face and body treatments. In addition to a rosemary and arnica body milk, geranium and grapefruit, another blood orange, and vanilla.

John Masters Organics also offer fragrance-free body milk that we chose for its universality. It is the best body lotion for dry skin

The packaging: 9/10. Much more compact than a pump bottle, the flip-top cap associated with a flexible bottle allows the product to be dosed correctly. We are even less afraid that he will only open a pump version in his bag.

The application: 10/10. Ultra-fluid, it penetrates instantly, even though the hair, moisturizes enough, without leaving any material effect. We can, therefore, get dressed immediately after spreading the product. Everything the people demand.

Efficiency: 8/10. With a 100% natural composition, and even a few organic ingredients. This body milk perfectly nourishes sensitive, normal, or dry skin. In addition, it really does not interfere with the fragrance that can be sprayed on your skin but will instead extend its hold since a fragrance holds better on a well-hydrated epidermis.

In the heart of winter, this body milk will certainly not be enough for very dry or atopic skin, but it will suit them the rest of the year, even in hot weather.

Best non greasy body lotion for dry skin

Shea Body ButterInstantly moisturizer body lotion for dry skin

We chose one of best selling body lotion of the English brand, shea body butter, for its slightly nutty and cocoa flavor. Most discreet of all and its power of nutrition which is suitable for dry skin.

The packaging: 9/10. In a generous and compact flat jar, this body moisturizer is easily transported without fear that it will spill out (as pump bottles or flip-top caps can do) in sports, weekend, or sports bags. vacation or business. You can take exactly the amount of material you want, which is perfect for those who just want to hydrate certain areas of the body.

The application: 8/10. Despite its name of “butter” which raised fears of a very oily texture, this moisturizer penetrates quickly, even though the hairs, nourishes intensely, without leaving a material effect. We can, therefore, get dressed a few seconds after applying it.

Efficiency: 8/10. You feel the skin really nourished and hydrated after applying it. But the scent may seem disgusting in the medium term.

Instantly moisturizer body lotion for dry skin

Eau Thermale Avene XeraCalmBest body lotion for sensitive skin

It is a fragrance free body lotion and hypoallergenic. This dermatological treatment is suitable even for young children. A reassuring argument for adults with sensitive and reactive skin. This body milk contains Avene thermal water with soothing properties. A nourishing vegetable lipid trio, and Selectiosis (an active ingredient patented by Avene supposed to reduce skin reactivity and restore the skin barrier).

The packaging: 7/10. The pump bottle is practical and delivers the right dose of the product. On the other hand, when going back up, the pump tends to drop a drop on the bottle. A relatively painful manufacturing defect.

The application: 6/10. This body moisturizer has a very fluid texture despite its designation of “balm” which foreshadowed something much thicker. It spreads easily and penetrates relatively quickly. Even though the hairs, but leaves a slightly sticky feeling, which makes the immediate dressing unpleasant.

Efficiency: 9/10. We quickly forget the sticky effect when we spend a whole day without feeling the slightest tightness or itching. By using it after your evening shower to stick only in bed. You wake up the next day without material effect, and just a comfortable skin, really soothed. She even calmed my eczema.

Best body lotion for sensitive skin

Creme De Corps by Kiehl’s – Best moisturizing body cream

With its name in French without accent and without fuss, the moisturizing body cream with the rich texture of the American brand would be cult since its creation in the 1970s. It owes its custard color to beta-carotene. A natural antioxidant photoprotective, and its smoothness with cocoa butter.

The packaging: 5/10. We regret not having chosen the 500 ml or 1L format, both equipped with a pump. Since the very thick texture is more and more painful to come out of the flip-top of the thick plastic bottle of 250 ml, as and as the product goes down.

The application: 7/10. The material deserves to be massaged well to penetrate. You can get dressed a few minutes after spreading it out. Impatient to abstain.

Efficiency: 9/10. After the first use, the skin comes out sufficiently hydrated, and as the days go by, it even feels like it is slightly firmed. Once absorbed, the cream leaves no odor. Therefore prolongs the hold of the perfume that one wishes to wear without interfering.

Best moisturizing body cream

Atoderm Intensive Baume, by Bioderma –  Best non comedogenic cream

This fragrance-free treatment, suitable even for infants.  It is intended for very dry, irritated to atopic sensitive skin, and promises to relieve itching. It would even have a cleansing, soothing and restorative action. Thanks to bio lipids similar to those naturally present in the epidermis and a principle patented by Bioderma called Skin Barrier Therapy.

The latter is supposed to fight against the alteration of the skin barrier and the proliferation of bacteria, responsible for secondary infections, which are well known to atopic skin. We don’t understand everything, but we almost have the impression of buying the solution to all of our problems.

The packaging: 9/10. Compact, the Bioderma pump-bottle takes up as much space as that of Avène but contains 100 ml of product in addition, and its pump looks much more solid.

The application: 5/10. Ultra-thick, this balm requires taking the time to apply it and make it penetrate. Especially at the level of the hairy parts of the body where it will be necessary to redouble patience and massages. But it provides immediate relief from tightness, and above all leaves a protective film, without being sticky, a bit like a second skin shield. You can dress quietly a few minutes after applying it.

Efficiency: 6/10. Its bandaging effect is more than necessary in winter for really dry and atopic skin which needs such a product. On the other hand, it can be stuffy in hot seasons. Overall, we feel well protected but not completely appeased below (in the same genre, we therefore largely prefer the Avene).

Best non comedogenic cream


We have mention in detail the top 5 best body lotions in this article. This will really help you to select the body lotion or cream according to your body needs.  we personally recommend you to John Masters OrganicsIts fragrance-free body milk will be suitable for the vast majority of skin types (except for atopic skin during a freezing winter) who can use it in the morning and/or in the evening without a problem dressing immediately after.

Its natural and simple composition inspires confidence. And its format is easy to use and transport. So I think it is the best body of milk on the market. Pending the release of Horace body moisturizer.

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