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Awakening the desire of the opposite sex is one of the main impulses of our nature. That is why we dedicate so many hours a month to choosing the clothes we wear. To modify the appearance of our skin, our physiognomy, or, even, the decisions we make. But, did you know that attracting the opposite sex can be a mere matter of smell?

Human pheromones of sex 

These are the natural chemicals that the body exhales, and although they apparently have no smell.  They provoke reactions in the other through smell. This type of perfume is based on a concentrate of human pheromones synthesized in the laboratory. It serves as an olfactory cosmetic additive. It is essential that it be used daily after bathing or showering because the water erases its effect.

His discovery appeared in 1986, with the help of Dr. Winnifred Cutler. He was the president of the Athena Institute in Pennsylvania.  He showed his influence on the relationship between man and woman and their sexual desire.

Their studies conclude that the chemicals emanated by the bodies of men – a mixture of sweat, hormones, and the natural smell of the skin – can cause their partners, of sex female, to be more fertile, have more regular menstrual cycles, and mild menopause.

In the same way, Dr. Cutler perceived that women in contact with the “feminine” essence of another woman, for example, living together, menstruate at the same time, after a few months have passed. It also ensures that such an essence increases the desire for sexual contact.  Making the woman more receptive to her male partner.

This scientist was the first person to synthesize pheromones in the laboratory and bottle them for sale as a perfume, promising 70 percent success. He named them “Athena Pheromone 10X” for men and “Athena Pheromone 10:13” for women.

How do they work?

Pheromones in perfume are used as a normal fragrance. Applied on the neck and wrists make you have a certain smell. The natural scents of pheromones are captured by the vomeronasal organ or organ of Jacobson. It transforms the smells into emotions and desires.

Being a chemical compound naturally generated by the sweat glands, pheromones are completely safe. Perfumes with pheromones are identical to any fragrance you can find on the market, except that the primary instinctive component is added to favor relationships.

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