Perfume that Smells Like Chocolate in 2020

Perfume that Smells Like Chocolate in 2020

Perfume that Smells Like Chocolate

The flavor of chocolate perfume is very unusual. Most modern perfumes, even those gourmets, are made from extracts of oriental herbs, tree bark, and spices, but cocoa beans in any way are nonsense. However, in this article, we have collected the most unique and amazing perfume that smells like chocolate. We suggest learning about these masterpieces and choosing the most amazing ones.

We would like to recommend you to use Angel Eau de Parfum, Mugler  or MONTALE Eau de Parfum Spray. They both are the best chocolate fragrance perfume in the market. Women and men can use.

List of Perfume that smells like chocolate

Angel Eau de Parfum, MuglerBest chocolate perfume

perfume that smell like chocolate
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A daring fragrance, a designer fragrance, Angel has revolutionized perfumery by exploring new olfactory territories. Childhood memories, joyful laughter, Angel’s fragrance becomes greedy oriental (smells of cotton candy, chocolate, pralines …). Launched in 1992.

Angel surprises with its citrus top notes that offer a fruity and exotic heart while stretching towards a deep trail of notes of vanilla, patchouli but also caramel and chocolate! A beautiful daring that will have the merit of opening the enchanted parenthesis of gourmet and sweet perfumes.

Thierry Mugler’s favorite essence is today an international bestseller.

Black Orchid” By Tom FordChocolate scented perfume

perfume that smell like chocolates
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Expensive and intense perfume, which glows like velvet, fascinates and captivates. Officially, the composition belongs to oriental flowers, and this is a wonderful fragrance that combines oriental spices, flowers, and exotic fruits.

It is safe to say that these perfumes have a festive chocolate flavor. They are not only sweet but also very thin, versatile, and non-standard. The formation depends on the following cords:

  1. Initial notes: gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, black currant, truffle.
  2. Heart Notes: Fruits, spices, lizard, lotus.
  3. Base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, vanilla, frankincense, Mexican chocolate, white musk.

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang for Women Perfume that smells like chocolate and vanilla

perfume that smell like chocolate
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She presented the most famous and specialized designer at her wedding. Bridal dresses appeared with black accessories and corsets, and then perfumes that could adequately emphasize this sexy and gothic look.

One of the masterpieces of perfume was a chocolate-smelling perfume named Princess Noir. The composition of the perfume is pears, mandarin, black currant, Jasmine, Cotton Flower, and Freesia, patchouli, rosewood, amber, and chocolate.

MONTALE Eau de Parfum Spray –   Chocolate greedy perfume

perfume that smell like chocolate
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Even lovers of gourmet flavors succumb to this fragrance. It is very pungent, sweet, sugary, and very fragrant. If you are looking for perfumes with the smell of chocolate and coffee, marinated with oriental spices, then the Montale masterpiece called “greedy chocolate” – this is what you need.

The formula is very simple: vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit, coffee, and tonka beans. All notes are intertwined in a sweet and bright symphony, which leaves behind a stunning train. Chocolate Greedy by Montale has a strong and best fragrance. The chocolate scent is mixed with vanilla and orange scent.

The chocolate greedy fragrance lasts for the whole day and you will feel as fresh as you applied the first time.

“MANHATTAN” BOND NO. 9  – Perfume that smells like vanilla

perfume that smell like chocolate
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Sweet winter scent and smells of the holiday, rest and pleasure. It belongs to gourmets because the composition is rich and multifaceted. But despite that, the spirits feel fun, light, majestic. They have no age restrictions, they are suitable for everyone, even young girls.

The composition of the sense of smell is consist of saffron, nutmeg, peach, bergamot, coriander, flowers, Moroccan jasmine, chocolate, plum, beeswax, gingerbread, eternity, honey, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, hereditary musk, cashmere wood, agarwood, labdanum, and Sweden.

Oriflame Love Potion Eau De Parfum Chocolate smell perfume

perfume that smell like chocolate
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Hard-to-find cosmetic catalogs from the mass market rarely find hard copies, but they still happen. If we are talking about “Oriflame” then you should pay attention to the fragrance called “Love Potion”. It would be perfect for winter holidays, and for romantic evenings.

This luxurious and exquisite scent is filled not only with chocolate notes, but also floral, vanilla, and divine smell of rum. Therefore, the composition consists of the following elements:

Top notes: rum and ginger.

Middle notes are mandarin, vanilla, coffee, cocoa, and lily.

The main string: tonka bean, sandalwood, and chocolate.


Chocolate flavors are festive, rich, deep, and sweet fragrances that we often feel in the air on New Year’s Eve, before Valentine’s Day, and in the fall. When nature begins to fade and we want the outdoors to be a little warmer and more comfortable. Of course, wearing such saturated perfumes in summer or spring will be completely irrelevant, will literally suppress your image, and ‘strangle you’ with its bright and heavy notes.

The chocolate is not just only for women but men can also use it easily.

We reccommend you to use Angel Eau de Parfum, Mugler  or MONTALE Eau de Parfum Spray.

They have a strong chocolate scent that pleases everyone around you and gets lots of compliments.

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