What are the Perfume Myths and Truths

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 If it is possible that the same fragrance smells different according to the person until what are the true differences when buying a national aroma and an imported one. A specialist unveiled the mysteries of perfumes.

There are many myths that revolve around perfumery. That the fragrances last longer according to the skin of each one.  The imported ones are better than the national ones. The perfume of men can not be used by women.

What are the Perfume Myths and Truths

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There are several theories that are elaborated around the world of aromas. 91% of women in the country use perfumes, while 60% say that also uses colonies.

The figures come from a study prepared by the brand of cosmetics and beauty and beauty products Natura. It was also detected that one of every two users alternates between perfumes and colognes, and only 4% declare not to use any of these products.

As for the preference of aromas, floral and sweet are the most chosen among women of all ages.

In the same context, Veronica Kato, a perfumer of the firm, revealed the main myths in relation to perfumes:


How should we keep our perfumes?

In the closet or any dark and cool place. Bathing is not indicated because moisture and temperature variations are detrimental to fragrances.

Does the perfume have a validity date?

Yes. The average validity time of perfume is two to three years. If it is properly preserved, and will always be printed on the bottom of the bottle. After this period, the product begins to lose its olfactory characteristics, oxidizing.

Is it true that perfumes contain fixative?

Myth. Popularly, the fixative would be a raw material that would prolong the duration of perfume on the skin. What determines the setting of a fragrance are the different concentrations and the quality of the raw materials used in the composition of the product.

Are imported perfumes better than national perfumes?

Myth. The national perfumery uses the same resources and raw materials as imported products, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of quality. The sources of raw materials are worldwide.

Can not a woman wear male perfume?

Myth. The use of male perfumes by women is more a matter of personal taste and adequacy with their personality and lifestyle. Today there is a fusion between masculine and feminine fragrances.

Does the personal aroma vary according to the perception of the perfume?

True. Several factors affect the fragrance of the skin, such as oiliness, or the level of perspiration, medications, and pH. The type of skin also influences the duration of the perfume, oily and hydrated skins tend to keep the fragrance for longer.

Does being redhead, brunette, or blonde influence the duration of the perfume?

Yes. Brunettes: the brown skin is generally more oily and the fragrances last longer. Oriental essences tend to be favorites. Redheads: light skins are better suited to long-lasting floral creations. They usually have dry skin and the fragrances evaporate easily. Blondes: they have very clear and delicate skin, incompatible with fragrances that contain many green notes.

Can I use perfume on the beach?

When going to the beach or the pool, do not use perfume. The product may contain substances not indicated for direct exposure to the sun.

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