How Perfume was Invented and Origin of its Invention ?

how perfume invented

Maybe sometime while you scented you have wondered. Who found out that some substances gave off a pleasant aroma? Why did people suddenly spray a liquid on their skin to smell better?

In other words: how was perfume invented?

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How was the perfume invented?

We can not attribute to anyone the invention of perfume. Just as we can not do it with the invention of fire. However, we do have a pretty good idea of ​​where the perfumes came from and why.

Historians say that the ancient Egyptians created the first aromatic perfumes from burning perfumed wood. Surely they discovered by chance that some substances gave off a pleasant smell, for example, resins and aromatic plants.

Thus, the first Egyptians used perfumed balms as part of their religious ceremonies and later as part of the preparations to make love.

The myrrh and incense that radiated from the gums of the trees were used to aromatize the environment in the rituals. Other plants such as rose and mint were impregnated with oils to form an ointment that was then rubbed through the skin.




Discovered of perfume

The first manufacturer of perfumes that have been recorded as a woman named Tapputi mentioned in a cuneiform tablet of the second millennium found in Mesopotamia. Tapputi distilled flowers, oil, and calamus along with other aromatic compounds and filtered them, and then repeated the same process several times.



In 2005, archaeologists discovered what are believed to be the oldest perfumes in the world in Pyrgos, Cyprus. The perfumes were more than 4,000 years old and were discovered in an old perfume shop.

When it was discovered, the perfume was used as an offering to the gods. It was believed that a perfume could “glorify” the body and make it more similar to that of the gods. Flowers, aromatic plants, gums, and resins were the raw materials that were used during the ceremonies dedicated to the gods.

As the years went by, the interest for the odorous substances and the intensification of the forms in which they were used multiplied: fumigations, oils, balms, fermented liquors …

As you see the invention of perfume has an interesting story behind it. Centuries have passed and today there are hundreds of fragrances that you can wear on your skin. Many of them we have in Esenzzia, where you can find cheap perfumes of first quality. Check out!


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