Perfume Guide Tricks – Perfume Ingredients

Do perfumes really have expiration?

I will explain to you what makes a fragrance and how to select one that you will love for a long time.  The perfume has great power over people. Fragrance can remind you of some special moments in your life. A scent with a mixture of cinnamon can transport you back to your childhood memory. A masculine scent could remind of you the certain time you spent with your loved one. As I mention above that perfumes have a powerful effect. People who use scent to create a great appearance and highlight their personality.

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 Perfume Guide Tricks – Perfume Ingredients

How to know your perfume structure.

perfume structure


Today many perfumes are made with three pyramidal structures divided into head, heart, and base notes. The upper part of the pyramid is called headnote and this is consists of citrus and light floral notes.


Headnotes are very impactful but after thirty minutes it disperses. Therefore before buying perfume, you must test the perfume on your skin at the store. If you didn’t test, you might shock when you realize later that scent develops into a different smell after a few hours on your skin.

Heart notes:

Heart notes are consisting of floral, spices, herbs, and woods. Heart notes add dimension to the fragrance before give to all vital base notes.


Base notes:

Base notes made the foundation of perfume. Mostly woods, spices, and vanilla, they have larger molecular weight and lasting power on the body.

Research showed that the same scent can smell different on different people. So olfactory satisfaction results when you like the resulting scent made by these base notes and their interaction with your skin chemistry.

Some smell of perfume vanishes faster than others. Wood and spice notes have the largest molecule size, therefore they have the highest staying power while florals are intermediate molecules size, citrus has the smallest size.

Skin chemistry is not the only factor do choose perfume but you have also to look for other factors like light, fresh scents may not work for you if you like heavily spiced food or the scent may change as you go through hormonal changes in your periods time.

Also, outdoor activities lifestyle or interest in a cold climate environment would change your choice of scent to work for you.

Oil vs alcohols.

Nowadays perfumes are made of two ingredients.

1.            The oils that make the scent

2.            The alcohol which works as a carrier

There are differences between the interactions of oils and alcohol.

EDC ( Eau De Cologne ) EDT ( Eau De Toilette ) EDP ( Eau De Parfum ) and Parfum, consist of different quantities of important oils.   Parfum has the most fragrant oil whereas EDC and EDT have the least fragrant oils.


Solid perfumes contain less important oils than EDC and EDT. However it is mixed with high-fat content, scent molecules take a longer time to evaporate and stick with the skin for a longer time.

The lack of alcohol produces the sillage of solid perfume more delicate than regular perfume, making it a good choice for people who like less invasive scent.

Moisturize for better-staying power

Moisturized and hydrated skin trap fragrance better and keep them last longer.

If you aren’t a fan of using scented body lotions then go for an unscented moisturizer.

Places to apply fragrance

When your skin is moisturized then finally spray on it. Spray perfume on pulse points because pulse points are the place where blood vessels are the closest to the skin and where body heat mostly emerge from. The heat would vaporize and scent molecules released the fragrance into the air.

Wrists, inner forearms, and neck are the pulse points. Therefore spray perfume on these areas of your body.


After spraying perfume, do not tempt to rub your wrists or other applied areas. Rubbing makes friction and the heart could break down perfume prematurely and this will result in the short lifespan of perfume on your skin. So spray and leave it to dry itself.

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