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It is said that the smell is the sense with the most evocative power since it can transport us to any place and time with absolute precision. Can you imagine traveling to any part of the world just by smelling a few drops of perfume? It seems incredible, but thanks to these 6 new aromas, it is now possible.

Perfume is the most intense form of memory, said Jean-Paul Sastre. But not only of the memory, we would add, also the discovery and the evocation. Such is the case, that the best noses in the world, assure that you can travel to a destination. However far and unknown, just by smelling the notes of an aroma.

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Women Perfume Collection 

Manhattan Light:

Timeless, although modern and intoxicating at the same time, Manhattan Light reflects the cosmopolitan, elegant, and vital spirit of the metropolis of illusions, challenges, and dreams to fulfill. Composed of apple, bergamot, and rose.

Souffle Marais:

Refined, looking towards the future and of a beautiful simplicity for its container and its name. It is an aroma with a Frenchified, powerful and dusty decline with transparent and ethereal notes that remind of the authentic natural smell. The notes of lily, honeysuckle, and sandalwood give it an elegant and lasting touch.

Evening Whispers:

It is an enveloping aroma, whose exceptional alchemy is orchestrated around charismatic and unmistakable notes that leave a vibrant and fresh trail that is instantly imposed. Its stele is obtained based on peach, cherry blossom, and vanilla.

 Men Perfume Collection

Kashbah Sunset :

Collects the olfactory experience of the desert through warm start notes that hatch and intoxicate with the same impetus with which the sunrises and warm and dusty sunsets typical of the southern lands become visible. Different floral species alternate with leaves of different botanical species, such as pear, rhubarb, geranium or saffron.

Island Accord :

An essence that emanates the effluvia of an environment at the edge of the sea that inspires and generates addiction. The citrus and sparkling notes of lemon open the composition of this fragrance and are accentuated by the refreshing mint, of softening effects, in an interesting mixer game. Its plural heart, at once floral and fruity, reveals a subtle jasmine chord that concludes with a structured background.

Sandy Papyrus :

A bewitching perfume that reveals the seductive and somewhat mysterious part inside each person. A careful selection of intoxicating chords of an enigmatic, abstract, and extremely ethereal formula. The freshness of the citrus, mixed with cozy floral notes and an exotic woody background, sign the seductive character of this perfume.

Perfectionism and exclusivity are key premises. Open a bottle of any of the six that form the new collection of perfumes of Massimo Dutti is to release the spirit of distinction to live each time, its unique and eternal charm.

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