Best Lacoste Cologne for Men in 2021

Best Lacoste Cologne for Men in 2021

The Lacoste house is close to forty perfumes created, both for men and women, all of them with great acceptance, they have become one of the most desired by buyers.

His first creation was “Lacoste for men” and it arrived in 1984, from that moment he began to reap successes also with his fragrances, which appear every season with new creations and versions of existing ones.

The Lacoste line of perfumes for men is world-renowned for its irresistible fragrances. They are characterized by being fresh, light, and modern, leaving behind a seductive and irresistible touch.

These are the perfumes that every original and sophisticated man and woman should wear. And if you are also one of those who always stay at the forefront, you should take a look at these most popular Lacoste perfume options of the moment.

There are many favorite brands and Lacoste is one of them. That is why you can find a large number of Lacoste fragrances for men in perfumery.


List of Best Lacoste Cologne for Men

Product Name




Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Pour Lui Magnetic

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Pour Lui Eau De Toilette

Lacoste L!VE Eau de Toilett

Lacoste Booster Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Essential Sport Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Challenge Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Red Eau de Toilette Spray

Lacoste L.12.12 Eau de Toilette , Jaune Pour Lui

Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette – Lacoste Essential Cologne

best lacoste cologne for men
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It belongs to the aromatic woody olfactory family and was launched in 2005.

If you want a fragrance that is perfect for your day-to-day and that reflects your personality in a soft and bold way, Lacoste Essential is your option. Feel the serenity and freedom of a perfume that makes a difference.

This warm-colored perfume contains notes of natural ingredients such as aquatic citrus (mandarin orange and bergamot). It comes in a 4.2 FL.OZ spray.

A popular fragrance is known for its distinctively shaped glass container. It features a brushed aluminum atomizer and the Lacoste crocodile emblem etched into the glass. It is a pleasant scent and perfect for casual encounters.

Lacoste Eau De Pour Lui Magnetic –   

best lacoste cologne for men
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The Magnetic model was launched in 2016 and seeks that the men who wear it exude grace, charm, and elegance without much effort required. You can choose between a 50 ml and 100 ml presentation that will give you an extra touch of seduction thanks to its aroma that distills wood and herbs, to be used in your most important events.

The fragrance is from a woody olfactory family. Its aromatic notes are sagebrush-herbaceous, bamboo, geranium, violet, black tea, amber, and patchouli.

This cologne offers you charm and elegance, which are naturally revealed effortlessly. You can play with the desire to seduce and enhance the attraction by wearing an excellent masculine scent.

Lacoste Blanc Pour Lui –  Best Lacoste Blanc Pour

best lacoste cologne for men
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Blanc Pure is a fragrance for men of the Woody Aromatic olfactory family. It is a fragrance that we include within the aromatic woody olfactory family and that was launched in 2011. Its notes are rosemary, cardamom, grapefruit, tuberose, leather, suede, and vetiver.

A cologne that should not be missing in your personal collection. Give your days a different touch by wearing this one-of-a-kind fragrance. The ingredients it has are of quality, you can guarantee a long day by keeping the fragrance in you.

Lacoste L!VE Eau de Toilette – Lacoste live cologne

best lacoste cologne for men
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A fragrance that was launched in 2014 and belongs to the aquatic aromatic olfactory family. This fragrance spray comes in an elegant box with the brand’s logo. Its aromatic notes are lime, aquatic green leaves, and leave a fresh wood aroma.

A fresh and captivating scent for men that brings confidence and courage. It is perfect for any moment of the day since it is relaxing and with a good presence.

Lacoste Booster Eau de Toilette –  Lacoste Booster

best lacoste cologne for men
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It is a fragrance that was launched in 1996 and belongs to the aromatic citrus olfactory family.

Booster Perfume is available in a 125ml.  Its notes are of orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, and spicy mint. Also includes basil, lavender, galbanum, chili, and nutmeg; vetiver, cedar, and sandalwood.

Be the bearer of this citrusy, minty, and fiery fragrance. A cologne that fits well on your love dates or to wear at a party.

Lacoste Essential Sport – Lacoste Essential Sport Cologne

best lacoste cologne for men
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This cologne comes in a 2.5 fl oz spray bottle. It has ginger, bergamot, and grapefruit as an aromatic top note; juniper, nutmeg, and geranium, and finally vetiver, patchouli, and musk as a base note.

Perfect to give to a close friend or family member. This cologne can be used daily for any occasion. Its fragrance is light and strong at the same time, leaving a pleasant presence on your way.

Lacoste Challenge –  

best lacoste cologne for men
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It is a Lacoste fragrance that is included within the Citrus Aromatic olfactory family and was launched in 2009.

Among its most outstanding aromatic notes we find the following:

It top notes include Amalfi lime, tangerine orange, and bergamot, heart notes include lavender, ginger, and violet leaves. While base notes have teak and ebony woods.

Lacoste Red Eau de Toilette –  Lacoste Cologne Red

lacoste cologne for men
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It belongs to the woody musk olfactory family and was launched in 2004. Among its aromatic notes, we can highlight the top notes are green apple. The heart notes include jasmine, pine, and cedar. Similarly, the base notes have white musk, vetiver, and patchouli.

Lacoste L.12.12 –  Lacoste Jaune Yellow

lacoste cologne for men
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A fragrance from the fruity aromatic olfactory family that was released in 2015 and in whose aromatic top notes are grapefruit, tonic, and pink pepper.

Whereas heart notes have coriander and a red apple. Base notes include amber, vetiver, and cypress.

Lacoste Pour Homme – Lacoste Pour Homme

lacoste cologne for men
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This fragrance from 2002 belongs to the aromatic woody olfactory family and among its notes we can highlight the components, top notes are grapefruit, bergamot, apple, and plum. The heart notes include pink pepper, cardamom, Virginia juniper, and cinnamon.

Similarly, base notes include sandalwood, vanilla, labdanum, musk, cedar, and rum.


Like our outfits and our attitude, the good perfume will allow us to leave our personal mark wherever we are, as well as to establish our character. Today we dedicate a space to one of the most beloved fragrances worldwide: Lacoste perfumes.

For those who want a unique, authentic, bold, and elegant aroma, we have prepared a fine selection of the most prominent and favorite models by users, as well as a practical guide that will help you choose the best option for your life.

We recommend you to use Lacoste Essential. It is one of the best Lacoste cologne.

First things first

Perfumes are aromatic liquids that we use to add a fragrance to our bodies and clothes. Lacoste perfumes are famous worldwide for the softness and freshness of their scents, which you can easily find.

Unlike other brands, Lacoste perfumes have their origin in France, the country of choice for the creation of fragrances. They also have fragrances suitable for the most delicate noses and security systems so that you do not acquire counterfeits.

Buyer’s guide

You don’t need a big production when the perfume you wear brings out the best in you. Here we leave you everything you need to know to acquire the best Lacoste perfume of all without digressing much to achieve it. Luck!

What is the difference between Lacoste perfumes and those of other brands?

Lacoste perfumes are born in France, a country known worldwide for its innovation and creation of fragrances. Its aroma tends to be soft and fresh, to penetrate better among those with more delicate and distinguished tastes. This will allow you to use them on a daily basis. They have their own stores internationally.

Have a team against piracy and counterfeiting, and have an authentic one

When it comes to safety when buying your product, Lacoste has an advantage over other brands. They have a team to fight, hand in hand with global public entities, against piracy and counterfeiting. So you can be more sure that you are getting an authentic model.

How to distinguish an original Lacoste perfume from a fake one?

The first alert that you will notice when you see a fake Lacoste perfume is an impression of low or debatable quality, both on the packaging and on its box, as well as embossments (where applicable). You should also notice a barcode, a lot number, and a traceability number.

The boxes and lids of the original perfumes are usually perfectly designed, and those of the fake ones can be left half-open or close with difficulty. Lacoste Cologne will always have a loose barcode inside that you won’t see on fake ones.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lacoste perfumes?

Lacoste perfumes are characterized by their smooth, fresh, and bold scent, so there may be few options for those who prefer very strong fragrances. You can buy them in your own physical or virtual stores, to make sure you receive an original product.

It has masculine and feminine lines with a diversity of models, presentations (quantity of product), and comfortable packaging to take with you wherever you want. Although most have similar and standard prices, some models can be expensive.


You can find them in your own, physical and virtual stores

Its fragrances are fresh and soft

Male and female lines

Variety of presentations

Portable containers


There are expensive models

They have few strong fragrances

What You Didn’t Know About Lacoste Perfumes

The important information to acquire a perfume is not limited to the points of sale and the prices, so here we show you relevant data that will help you to know if this is the product you want for you. Don’t miss any details!

Do Lacoste perfumes test on animals?

Unfortunately, and like many brands related to fragrances, the Lacoste brand continues to carry out tests on animals when it comes to perfumes, as indicated by the Cruelty-Free Kitty portal, which investigates whether the companies’ testing methodology is friendly to the animal world.

What guarantee does a Lacoste perfume have and how can I make it valid?

After purchasing a Lacoste perfume in an authorized establishment (such as virtual and physical Lacoste stores and perfumeries, including your authorized Amazon store), you will have 30 days to request an exchange or return of your product, which must be in excellent condition.

Purchase criteria

You already have everything to buy your Lacoste perfume, right? But we cannot finish without first giving you some tips so that you know which option to choose according to your needs. We will tell you a little about its lines by gender, the capacity of the containers, and presentation.





Lacoste differentiates its perfumes very well between feminine and masculine and even has lines created based on it. Here we talk a little about what you will find in each of them, according to the genre for which it was created.


Most Lacoste perfumes made for women feature soft, delicate, and elegant floral and fruity fragrances. You will enjoy models ranging from 30 ml to 90 ml, depending on the size you want.

You’ll find options scented with amber and cedar (like Timeless), vanilla and citrus (like Elegant), apple and cinnamon (like Sparkling), and much more. You will also find gift kits that also include flavoring creams.


We could say that the male area is Lacoste’s stronghold since most of its models stand out in this branch. You can find options ranging from 75 ml to 100 ml, and even double models in gift kits.

Delight in models with spicy wood aromas, (such as L’Homme Timeless), fruity and aromatic aromas (such as Jaune or Amarillo), mandarin, and lemon (such as French Panache) or wood and herbs (such as Magnetic).


As we have already mentioned, Lacoste has perfumes in different proportions, so you can select a large model or one that is more compact. Here we show you what you can find in each of them.

From 30 ml to 50 ml.

These options are ideal to take with you wherever you go, thanks to their practical size that allows them to occupy a small space in your bag or car. You will find options for men like Magnetic, Blanc, and Jaune; and models for women like Naturelle, Eau Fraiche, and Intense.

From 60 to 90 ml.

These models will give you a considerable amount for a size a little smaller than the regular one, so they are ideal for gifts when you do not know in depth the tastes of the other person. There are options for her like Touch of Pink, Sparkling, and Légère; also for them like Live, Essential and Blanc.

From 100 ml to 175 ml.

For those who do not want to lose a bit of the product, this is the best and most durable option. Ideal to keep in your room or headdress, although in this case, there are only large options for men. Take advantage of the L’Homme, Rouge, Noir, and Eau Fraiche models, among others.


Although most Lacoste perfumes can be obtained in their individual format, there are others that you can obtain in gift kits. Here we tell you a little about what you will find in each of these options.


The individual perfume models, as we mentioned, you can find from 30 ml and up to 175 ml, depending on what you need and the gender for which you are looking. Opt for this option when you are already sure of the fragrance you are looking for or prefer a unique option.

Gift kit.

There are gift kits that include more than one perfume and even creams in some cases. For example, the Sparkling kit for her includes a 50 ml fragrance, a portable container with 7.4 ml of product and a 50 ml body lotion. In the case of the L’Homme kit for him, you will find 1 perfume of 100 ml and another of 150 ml.

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