How to Remove Perfume Smell from Clothes

How to remove perfume smell from clothes

I think that it has happened to many of us that when we are in a place and we try a perfume that later we do not feel like it. We want to take off the smell from our clothes. Another situation is when we are on the street, we greet someone who has that classic patchouli, supremely strong and “sticky”. And it turns out that at home we have someone who is very jealous (a) who will not believe that we have found some old friend, partner or family member or that we were in a store where we got to try a new fragrance.

Although the perfume used on the body can be pleasant in clothes. It is not so much when we cannot remove it. To remove the perfume odor from clothing, it is best to try different methods. Always starting with the simplest and progressively progressing according to the results.

We are going to tell you how to remove perfume smell from your clothes so that nobody suspects that you have another perfume in your clothes that is not the one you wear when you leave the house.

Below we will mention the 8 simplest ways to remove the fragrance of perfume from our clothes. These are different from the ones we usually use. And for this, we will start from the most to the least simple. Highlighting that they are all home remedies with things you can find in-home, at the office, or at the corner bar.

How to Get Perfume Smell Out Of Clothes

how to get perfume smell out of clothes

8 simplest ways to Remove Perfume Smell from Clothes


One of the most effective tricks to remove perfume odor from clothing is to hang clothes in the sun and fresh air. The combined effect of heat, oxygen, and sunlight is often foolproof. If necessary, you can add a little heat with a hairdryer at a low temperature. When hanging clothes, it is recommended to leave them for several hours in a row, over two or more days. If you have a garden, feel free to do it nearby from trees and foliage since plants are able to absorb odors

If you do not get results after drying the garment in the sun, you can try washing with a neutral detergent (no scent whatsoever). The more tenacious aromas, moreover, can be removed by adding a little vinegar.

How to remove perfume smell from clothes


Another simple option to remove perfume or fragrance from your clothes.  Take a cotton ball and moisten it with a little alcohol to pass it through the garment looking for more or less the places. Where the smell we want to remove is sticking to us, at the finish we hang the garment for about 25 minutes.

How to remove perfume smell from clothes


To remove perfume smell from clothes, you just have to mix the borax and the baking soda in equal parts to create an ideal odor removal powder compound that works even for the pungent smell of tobacco. Put on the garment and sprinkle the mixture and let it rest for about 25 minutes, then take it and shake the garment so that the mixture spreads while you are removing it and that’s it.


There are different odor removers for garments, specially designed to get rid of unpleasant odors from garments and which are mainly focused on odors from bedding and car seats, well. Any one of these products (if you have it on hand) can help you get rid of that annoying perfume odor from clothes, they are usually spray-dried on clothes.


It is best to soak in vinegar and then rinse only with water. Vinegar with its low pH level serves to eliminate odors on clothing. And to do it you just have to mix WHITE vinegar with water (do not use vinegar of dark colors), and put in a sprayer. Now turn the garment inside out and proceed to spray the entire garment, especially on the areas that smell the most. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell that will evaporate in a few minutes.

Another alternative to consider to remove the smell of perfume on clothing is to use organic detergents or borax.


Although we are used to vodka for parties and gatherings. It can also work to remove lingering perfume odors from clothes. For this home remedy, similar to the previous one, you just have to put in a spray bottle a little vodka to pour it on your clothes as if it perfumed and then hang the garment on a hanger for about 15 minutes and it will be free of “telltale” odors.


Mix a teaspoon of tea tree oil with a cup of water and pour this mixture into an atomizer to then spray the clothes or garment that we want to remove the perfume smell, then hang it on a hanger for ten minutes.


In a large plastic bag, we put a handful of coffee beans (or if the garment is black or brown we can use it ground) and right there we introduce the garment to leave it there for about 30 minutes. During this time it will absorb the smell, then take it out and check and if the aroma has not completely disappeared, leave it for another 20 minutes. When finished shake it very well and spread it hanging on a hanger. With this little trick, we will not have to wash the garment instantly.

Thank you for following our advice. I hope now you can easily get the perfume smell out of your clothes.

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