How to Recycle Old Perfume Bottles – Decorate Perfume Bottles

how to recycle old perfume bottles

Today we have some wonderful ideas for you on how to recycle old perfume bottles that you no longer use. Some will surely combine beautifully with the decoration of your home.

Discover today in this article how to recycle empty perfume bottles and create decorations according to your imagination.

If you’ve been a fan of perfume since your youth, you probably keep a lot of bottles of different scents that you’ve bought or been gifted to you.  These perfume bottles are generally very beautiful and depending on the brand or the quality of the perfume they can be very different.

If this is your case, today we want to show you the many decorations you can make with your old perfume bottles.

Even if you never thought about it, you can perfectly reuse them and turn them into beautiful decorations for your home.

Besides, there is nothing nicer than recycling old perfume bottles into something new. Especially if in addition you do it yourself. Turn your empty old perfume bottles into practical and beautiful decorations.

To get started, just let your imagination run wild and personalize your items. However, if you run out of ideas, don’t worry. Today in this article, we hope that the decorations we give you will please you and make you want to reproduce them.

Also, consider that with these ideas, you are not only helping to decorate your home, but also to recycle items that you wouldn’t otherwise use.

How to Recycle Old Perfume Bottles – Decorate Perfume Bottles

It is a fun activity that you can do alone or with your children, for example.

Perfume Bottles to Create Decorative Vases

how to recycle old perfume bottles

One of the easiest ways to use old perfume bottles as decorative items is to turn them into vases.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Select the perfume bottle you want to modify and customize.
  • Remove the cap and its vaporizer if it has one.
  • Choose the flowers that best suit the style of your home. Check the size of the vial opening beforehand.
  • Add water to keep the flowers fresher longer.
  • Another option is to let the flowers dry as long as you want.

Perfume Bottles to Create Terrariums

Perfume Bottles to Create Terrariums

The vast majority of terrariums are usually made of glass, similar to aquariums. They are the equivalent of aquariums in which the water is replaced by a substrate (earth, sand, etc.) a few centimeters thick placed on the bottom.

If the perfume bottle allows, you can make small terrariums with decorative patterns such as stones, sand or figurines.

The easiest thing is to use artificial flowers, this way you won’t have to worry about their care. Another possibility is to add water and create an aquatic terrarium.

There are many decorative ideas that you can find on terrariums. Thanks to simple and meticulous decorations you can create different and unique environments for your home.

Perfume Bottles to Create Air Fresheners

Perfume Bottles to Create Air Fresheners

If you especially like your home to always smell clean, feel free to make your own air fresheners. There’s nothing better than using your old perfume bottles and reusing them as Mikado-style air fresheners.

This type of deodorant allows the smell to be diffused naturally and continuously. You will be able to achieve this magnificent decoration with very few materials. Note the materials you will need before you start your creation.

  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • The essential oil of your taste
  • Rattan sticks or bamboo sticks

How to Make Your Own Air Fresheners

The process is very simple. First, prepare the mixture in a bowl or glass jar. Then add two parts of alcohol to the water and pour in the essential oil (a few drops will be enough).

Additionally, you can stir in if you want pieces of lemon or orange zest. If you prefer, choose aromatic herbs of lavender, rosemary, thyme, or mint, for example.

Once the scent is created, add it to your diffuser bottle with care (use a funnel if necessary). Once inside, insert the chopsticks. If you can’t find rattan or bamboo sticks, which are the ones that usually come with air fresheners, you can use other pieces of wood.

For example, choose wooden chopsticks like the ones you use to prepare your meat or vegetable skewers and cut them off.

Once inside, the wooden sticks will begin to soak up the scent and diffuse the scent throughout the house. Don’t forget to turn the chopsticks from time to time so that the scent is renewed regularly.

Perfume Bottles to Create Different Decorations

As we mentioned at the beginning, the perfume bottles themselves look very beautiful. Depending on the brand, size, and shape, they can become the perfect decorative elements for your interior.

If you want to enjoy all their splendor, here we give you some easy and amazing ideas.

Create Rotten Pots:

The flowers and dried fruits in the perfume bottle will thus have a dual function to decorate and enhance the atmosphere of your room.

On the other hand, it is better to use a bottle that has a large enough hole otherwise the potpourri will not be able to diffuse the smell well.

Fill your Bottles with Colored Water:

Fill your Bottles with Colored Water

You can fill the inside of the perfume bottles with colored water. For this, use food coloring or dilute the paint you like.

Make Jewelry Holders:

If your bottle is elongated, you can slide your bracelets around to prevent them from tangling with your necklaces in your jewelry box. On a rather rectangular bottle, you can place a necklace or several bracelets.

Paint the Outside of Your Bottles:

You can paint the outside of the perfume bottles to give them a more personal touch. With several bottles of different shapes, it may be interesting to paint them the same color and place them on a shelf to create a unique decor.

Personalize Your Perfume Bottles

Add Glitter:

Shiny notes or pearls inside. If you like the natural color of the pearl, you will get a classic and chic bottle. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from playing with colors and using balls of several shapes. The result is delicate and makes a very beautiful decoration.

Add Decorative Patterns:

If you have a silicone gun, glue decorative designs like ropes or colorful balls to make them more original. Also use ribbons and laces of different colors, sizes, and lengths.

Make Small Lamps:

You can use thin light bulbs to make small lamps. Perfume bottles can create a unique effect.

Always think about the decorations that you will create according to your tastes, your furniture, and your home in general. Unless you prefer modern and eclectic decorations, which will go as well with an old-style as today.

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