How to Get Cologne Samples?

How to get cologne samples

Perfume can be incredibly expensive, especially if you’re interested in a brand-name perfume. But what if you want to try it before you buy it? Sure, you could leaf through thousands of magazines and take all the perfume samples, organize them, compare and contrast the aromas and finally make your purchase.

You could go to a mall to have tons of perfume sprayed until you no longer know which one you are smelling. Or you could try the perfume in the comfort of your own home. Just follow these tips on how to get free samples of perfumes delivered to your doorstep

The sample really has a useful role. First, it allows you to try a perfume. Know if it fits us and if it suits us.

Second, it couldn’t be easier to transport. Small, thin, it fits perfectly in the bag for a touch-up at any time of the day.

So go ahead and get free perfume samples!

Tips to Get Cologne Samples

In department stores

In big cities, it’s easy to get free perfume samples! Management, department stores, or large perfumeries. The right method? With or without purchase, just ask nicely for a sample of the perfume that makes you want, and you leave with zest on you! Obviously, you are better served if you are buying a cream or another product than if you arrive only for the purpose of requesting a free sample. But you have to know how to dare, right?

At you can buy a wide variety of makeup, beauty, and perfume items. If you make your purchase online, the Sephora website allows you to choose a free sample bag, depending on the money you have spent. Best of all, you can choose the samples you want to try.

You can also try to search for various perfume samples. Sign up for an eBay account and start bidding on the large batches of perfumes available to you. It may cost you a little more money than Sephora or any other free sample website, but if you bid smartly, you won’t have to pay much more than shipping and handling to get loads of great samples.

At the brands themselves

Write to the perfume company. Sometimes if you tell the company that you like the product they offer they will send you free samples or another item to try. The same goes for the companies that make perfumes. Tell them you want to try one of their perfumes and they will likely send you a free sample in the mail.

It is at the source that we may be best served! Directly from major brands, it is possible to request free perfume samples. It will be difficult to refuse you. You can also go to the brand’s website and register and then request to receive free fragrance samples! It’s easy and free, everything we love!

On websites

Check the free sample websites. There are many pages of this type, such as or, where they inform you of the latest news on which companies and perfume stores offer free samples of perfumes. Normally the free samples website will direct you to the official store or product site, so you don’t have to give any information to a website you don’t trust.

Visit the official websites of the perfumes you like. Sometimes on the official website of a perfume the company offers free samples. All you have to do is enter your contact information and the company will send the perfume samples to your home.

Some sites specialize in distributing free perfume samples, upon registration. You will thus be able to receive offers from the site and its partners.

How does it work? After registering, you can request to receive free fragrance samples, while supplies last.

You even have a point system, which allows you to accumulate points and thus receive products for free.

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