How to Choose Best Perfume for Yourself?

How to Apply a Perfume Correctly

We must bear in mind that the pH of the skin is different in each person, so the aromas can also vary from one to another.

The decision of an aroma is close to everyone. We are sure that on more than one occasion they have given you a certain brand and high cost, but to try it and feel its fragrance on your skin has been more annoying than captivating.

Few things are as intimate as the choice of perfume. They usually say that it goes with our personality but, in fact, also our brain is the one that accepts a certain type of odor and rejects others.

Sometimes, a component such as wood or some citrus is not pleasant to our body, and hence the reaction. We are sure that these simple guidelines to choose your own perfume will be useful and interesting.

Classification of perfumes according to intensity

The degree of intensity of a perfume determines not only the price but also the concentration of the aromas. This does not mean that only the strongest are the best. Absolutely. Some people tolerate better a medium-low concentration, since it is more pleasant for the day today, and leaves the most intense for special occasions.

Although this is common, it is worth remembering this classification:


Splash perfume (body spray)

It has a 1% concentration. Although it does not last long, it offers a punctual fresh sensation. It is practical for when we play sports .

Eau de cologne

It has between 3 – 6% concentration and is one of the most common in perfumeries. Its fragrance is almost always citric and very light. Great for day to day.

Eau de toilette

It has a little more concentration than the previous one, between 7-15%. Very comfortable also for the whole day.

Eau de parfum

Presents a 15% concentration of the fragrance.


It is the most intense and usually ranges between 15% – 40% concentration.

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The most effective method to pick a scent


best women perfume

There are some previous aspects that we must take into account. The same perfume can not smell the same way in two people. Everything will depend on our skin type, if it is drier or more greasy, for example. However, something that we must remember is that it is always advisable that we choose it. The reason? It is part of our personality and it is also what we want to transmit to others.

Sometimes, something very common that usually happens is that we remember a person because of his smell. So, we must stop not only in finding that smell that defines us, that is good in our skin, that does not bother us and that, in turn, leaves a pleasant wake in the others with which they remind us.


Are you an active and fun person?

In this case, you will be very pleasant citrus fragrances and fresh. Those that smell like orange, lemon, lemon verbena … They tend to be very invigorating and pleasant. Sometimes unisex perfumes can also be very nice within this type of profile.

The perfumes can be reused as decorative motifs.

Do you want to convey an elegant air?

We all have these appointments from time to time in which we want to transmit mystery, elegance, and charm. We should then choose the exotic fragrances that have a higher level of concentration. They last for many hours on the skin and leave fragrances of flowers, tropical fruits, and woods.

Sexy and youthful personality

No matter how old you are. We all love to transmit from time to time a more risky, shameless, and sexy personality. Why not? In this case, you should look for those perfumes with sweet smells, caramel smells, scents of oriental flowers, apples, roses …

The perfumes that almost never fail.


There are two types of perfumes that tend to be more successful and we never fail. They are nice and fit very well with all types of skins:

Fresh fragrances:  They are what are known as “green” smells. The smell of freshly cut grass, citrus …

Floral fragrances: Who dislikes the smell of blooms? They are delicious and it is a fragrance that we never tire of: roses, jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom, lily of the valley, tuberose …

According to your skin type.

If your skin is rather greasy, in this case, it is common for the sweat itself to end up varying the perfume itself. It is something that can happen to us all in the summer times. So what can we do?

  • Choose soft perfumes or citrus.
  • In winter, or if your skin is usually drier, the fragrances of oriental flowers and a little more intense will be very pleasant.

As you can see, the act of choosing a perfume is not as easy as we think. Therefore it is always worth spending a good time for that choice in the store itself. That way we do not run the risk of ending up buying a brand that, later, when used daily, makes us more uncomfortable than anything else.

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