How to Apply Perfume Correctly

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The perfume, in addition to being an exquisite substance that enchants the senses, improves our mood and that of the other people who are able to perceive it around us, also it is usually part of the routines of beauty, care, and personal hygiene of the everyday life, just like the other items that we usually keep on the shelves.

Spraying perfume each of these has a particular purpose and way of applying, that is why we do not use shampoo or soap in the same way we use toothpaste; similarly, it is not common to use the same amounts of body lotion as face cream, since each one has been designed to meet different needs.

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How to Apply Perfume Correctly

The steps or instructions that we follow in the use of any of these products seek to maximize their properties and avoid possible damage to the integrity of our health, because then why it would be different from the fragrances. The perfumes have a simple methodology of use, however, many people are not familiar with it.

How to Apply a Perfume Properly

The correct application of the perfume could subtract us in disadvantages and add efficiency, allowing that aroma that we like so much, and for which we probably pay a considerable sum of money, remain for longer on us without having to spend the whole bottle with one applied, and most importantly, protecting our health in the process.

Apply Perfume Man Also, it is common for people in ignorance of these basic rules to make mistakes regarding how much quantity is necessary, what body areas are suitable for their use and what type of fragrance is ideal according to the places and times that we frequent.


If this is your case, do not feel lost, because we have brought you this article on how to apply perfume correctly, in order that you become an expert in its use. Likewise, following our advice will guarantee your safety and will also prevent you from wasting your money while enjoying your favorite scent for long hours.

What perfume to use?

We should never underestimate the importance of using the perfume most compatible with our personality, skin, and body chemistry. This type of choice is totally subjective. Unless we are people with very sensitive skin or prone to allergies. We can freely choose any option that satisfies our personal tastes.

How to Apply a Perfume Properly

What perfume to use we can choose fragrances day or night, for cold or warm climates and any family that we want. As long as we take into account that the option for which we opted to feel pleased about the aroma, its intensity, and duration.

However, if we use a perfume that is marked as night and winter under an intense summer day. We run the risk of intensifying its aroma too much to make it annoying for us and those who come close.

The same happens in the opposite case, the summer or daytime fragrances during the winter or night can become too subtle and go unnoticed, which can be disappointing.

The ideal is to have options defined according to the requirement and use different aromas in the day, night, and different occasions and climates. Even so, you can always adapt this rule a bit at your convenience.

If what you want is to turn one of them into your personal seal. The one that accompanies you wherever you are. You will have to take into account mainly your perception.

It is never a good sign to feel choked by the aroma or not feel it at all. It could indicate that you should replace your fragrance with a version designed for that time of day or season. Otherwise, you can take risks and venture a little.

When to apply the perfume?

The ideal time to apply the perfume is when leaving the shower

How to Apply a Perfume Properly

The aroma is better fixed on clean skin. It is also an advantage to bathe with hot water since the pores will be more open and therefore more able to absorb the substance.

It is important that we are completely dry because if we are still wet, the fragrance will be diluted with water on our skin and reduce its ability to notice it.

If before applying the perfume we use moisturizing creams or ointments. The fixation will be more intense and, therefore, more lasting. It is even advisable to use a little petroleum jelly or petroleum jelly just below the point of application since this will cause the odorous molecules of the fragrance to adhere to the petroleum jelly and take longer to volatilize, which will also make it more long-lived. we.

It is important to be careful with the creams and fragrant soaps we use previously since the olfactory chords of these could come into conflict with those of our perfume. Thus obtaining an unharmonious result.

If we love to use bath gels and creams with odor. It is preferable to opt for those options of the same line, since most houses make this type of product with the same smell or with some that are complementary.

Another important thing is to apply the perfume at least 10 minutes before dressing. This not only prevents staining the garments but also that the fabrics absorb the aroma instead of the skin since on the clothing the aroma will have a fixation poorer than that offered by the body. In case you want your clothes to share the aroma. You can apply a little on the hands and pass them on it or keep a handkerchief impregnated with perfume in your wardrobe.

How to apply perfume?

spraying perfume women

In case your fragrance comes in a presentation without an atomizer. You can place your index finger on the bottle to avoid the product being leftover and wasted. Once we have the liquid on the finger we apply it with small taps and never rubbing. Since when we do it (like when we rub one wrist against another) we break the essential oils, alter the composition and, in addition, we manage to evaporate more quickly

Passing through the perfume if the presentation is in spray, you have to place the bottle between 10 and 15 cm away and make sure that the pointer is located towards us. This will allow the liquid to be distributed evenly over that area.

It is a common practice among some people to spray in the air and then walk under the mist of perfume. However, it is wasted much substance and is less effective and durable than when we apply it directly on the skin.


Where to apply the perfume?

There are many places on the body where you can apply fragrances. In fact, Coco Chanel indicated that a woman should perfume where she wants to be kissed. However, some sites may be more efficient and safer than others, such as pulse points.

how to apply perfume and where to apply

Using perfume Manthe pulse points are those where we feel latency (pulsations), among the most traditional for the use of perfumery, are the upper part of the neck, behind the ears, and the inside of the elbows and wrists.

In addition to these places, we can also include the ankles, the hips, the clavicles and the back of the knees. All these areas usually generate the appropriate amount of heat, intensifying the fragrance but without becoming excessive.

A neckline is also a good place, however, on the breasts, they have sensitive areas (especially the nipples). In the same way. It is advisable to avoid the contact of the perfume with the bras.

Since the chemicals that integrate it in conjunction with the sweat and the fibers of the bra, can become the most favorable place for the production of bacteria and the development of infections that cause serious injuries in the aureoles or nipples.


Girl using perfume some people maintain the use of perfume in the navel, armpits, and genitals, however, these are wet areas, quite delicate and with a high propensity to the development of infections.

Here, as in the previous case, products such as chemical solvents or synthetic fragrances could alter the bacterial balance and put the area at serious risk. In any case, you can place with caution a point of perfume on the front of the shoulder and on the inner thigh near the groin, but not on it.                       

You should never apply perfume on the face since the substances besides being very aggressive for the fine skin of the face and mucous membranes, could cause horrible spots caused by the interaction of alcohols and oils with the sun.

The same applies to the use of perfume on the beach, failing that. We can opt for sunscreens and hair creams with a pleasant aroma or we can apply a small amount of perfume on the external parts of the swimsuit, preferably while not wearing it placed and waiting for drying before using the garment.

How to Make Perfume?

Perfume the hair seems a good idea since its porous fibers allow to fix for a long time the aroma. However, alcohol and chemicals can dry out our hair. So the ideal option is to find the version of our perfume in hair care.

In case you cannot get it and we still want to venture. We must avoid at all costs spray the perfume directly on the hair. It is preferable to spray it on a brush and then comb. Which will allow the fragrance is without mistreating your hair.

How much perfume to apply?

how much use perfume

Much perfume gif In the case of perfumes, the rule that best applies is less is more, remember that a person with excess perfume can be very annoying to those around him. Nor should we forget the fact that smell quickly becomes accustomed to aromas, preventing us from noticing them. So it is possible that we feel a slight aroma and for others, we are literally stinking.

It is sinless condemnatory to carry excess fragrance or have very little, in the second case, we can always apply a little more. On the other hand, if we bathe in perfume, we will have to take it for hours, unless we take a shower and remove most of its smell. A practical alternative is to mitigate with wet towels in case you have exceeded.

Pepe le pew ideally at all times is that the wake does not extend beyond an arm of yours away, where you can perceive your scent the people who come to you. If you are intrusively flooding the places you pass. It is a sign that you are wearing too much perfume, which is especially unpleasant in the early hours of the morning and in enclosed places such as elevators and offices.

Remember that what we want to achieve is that other people feel attracted to us, not that they go away scared as does Gata Penelope with the skunk of Pepe le Pew.

Final Thought

Fragrances have a useful date, which is important to control since when their composition expires, the smell changes and can also be unpleasant, harmful to health.

In case you want to make a perfume with you to reapply. It is advisable to use a wallet version and not your big bottle, since it can spill over your bag, misusing its contents and ruining some of your belongings.                       

It is better to opt for the presentations in the bar and Roll-On, which are the most suitable for this purpose.

Avoid the contact of the perfume with your jewelry. As its ingredients can interact with them causing their deterioration or, worse, stains on us. This can occur especially in the neck fold. So it is advisable to avoid that area and prefer the top of the neck, behind the ears, and clavicles. In addition to taking the precaution of waiting at least 10 minutes after perfuming to place the jewelry.

Now that you know all these tricks to apply perfume in an optimal and especially safe way for you. You can turn it into a highly effective tool, into a lethal weapon.

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