How to Apply Perfume?

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The fact of knowing how to apply perfume may seem easy and routine, although deep down we may have spent all our lives doing it wrong. Read on and find out how to apply the scent and how to make a perfume last longer. Learn the art of how to smell good …

The strategic areas where to apply the perfume:

You can apply perfume on your wrists, neck, clavicles, inner part of the elbows, knees, behind the ears and chest, are the so-called pulse points (areas with greater natural heat and/or movement) chosen for the application of the perfume due to the constant release of the same.


how to apply perfume and where to apply

At these points, the perfume mixes with your natural scent, creating a unique fragrance that will be released throughout the day.

Never apply it in areas with excessive sweating. Let alone use it to mask other odors, because the mixture generated will not be, at all, pleasant.

It should not be applied on clothes either, as it could stain is due to the essential oils that make up the fragrances.

You can also spray the comb with which you brush your hair, but you should never apply it directly on it . Because the alcohol that contains the perfume can dry it. Hair is an excellent diffuser of your fragrance!

Speaking of distances:

The ideal is to spray the perfume about 10 centimeters away from our skin so that it is distributed better. In perfumes with no atomizer, the application will be done with light touches by helping the tips of our fingers.

Do not rub:

It is one of the most common mistakes we make. What we achieve is to damage the notes of the essence by degrading them and modifying their smell. We must let the perfume evaporate by itself in the place applied.

After showering:

Before the dressing is the best time to apply the perfume because it will absorb better in clean skin with open pores (after a hot shower) lasting much longer in it.

If you use any moisturizer, which is the same line as your perfume or neutral odor, not to mix different fragrances. In addition, the perfume will adhere better to hydrated skin, since it will evaporate with greater difficulty.



how to apply perfume and where to apply

Less is more:

it is not necessary to bathe in perfume to smell good. In fact, it may be that if you exceed the application, the smell bothers other people.

The ideal is to apply little perfume and in strategic areas. “

When you spend a few minutes from the application of your fragrance, it becomes imperceptible to your nose, but do not worry, others will perceive it.

No light:

Sunlight and heat can damage the ingredients of your perfume and accelerate its evaporation. Ideally, store it in a cool, dry, and dark place (not in the bathroom, where enough moisture is generated).

And yes, they also expire:

The perfumes are degrading and also have an expiration date, like the rest of the cosmetics. It is usually about three years. Although light and heat accelerate this process.

After reading this article now you know the details about how to apply perfume? Now you can take them out and make your fragrance last longer.

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