How Many Perfume Can I Take On A Plane?

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Do not travel without your perfume and discover in this special how many ml can be carried on an airplane.

Are you planning a trip and do not know how many milliliters you can take on a plane? And of course, you can not go anywhere without your favorite perfume. When traveling, there are several legal requirements that we must take into account. Bring with us your ID, passport if necessary, or some kind of special certification.

On many occasions, the luggage becomes a real headache. How many kilos can I carry? How much bill? How much of a hand? Do not worry that in this special we will approach each point so that you leave doubts. And the most important. So you can take your fragrance everywhere.

Depending on the company with which you fly the hand luggage and billing usually vary. What is immovable are the milliliters.

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If I want to take my perfume then how many milliliters can I take?

If you like to travel light and you usually carry only hand luggage it is important that you know this. Each passenger can carry items of up to 100ml in their carry-on baggage. It is also important that you put these items in plastic bags whose capacity should not exceed one liter. So this should not be a problem when traveling with your favorite perfume anywhere in the world.

In our online perfumery, we have a wide variety of perfumes for women and perfumes for men in formats ranging from 30ml to 150ml, in exceptional cases. So you can buy the size you want and remember that as hand luggage you can carry up to 100ml per item.

If instead of carrying baggage hand luggage you will have to inform yourself with the company how much is the maximum kilos allowed per suitcase and the number of packages per person. Once you have that information you will know what perfume is better than your invoice. Although you will not have any inconvenience of billing any size.

The perfume of your holidays

Once learned that to travel by plane the maximum amount of ml allowed in liquids to carry in hand luggage is 100ml per item, now you only have to choose what the fragrance will be this summer.

It is already time for you to renew and bet on fresh and floral perfumes. Visit our special section of summer perfumes and let yourself be seduced by the magic and charm of the freshest proposals of brands such as Cacharel, Calvin Klein, Paco Rabanne, etc.

Happy Holidays.

And happy flight.

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