How do Perfumes with Pheromones Work?

How do perfumes with pheromones work?

Causar a good impression is often one of our biggest concerns, especially when using some kind of attraction. The clothes and the hairstyle are two of the aspects to which we pay more attention. But more and more, the smells have an important space in this type of situation.

Among these aspects stand out the perfumes with pheromones. But, are these types of products really effective? How do they work? Where does their aphrodisiac power reside? Is our nose so powerful?

When we talk about pheromones we refer to natural chemical substances that our body emits and that can be perceived by the people with whom we relate. The segregation of this type of substance is not a particularity of the human

being, but also the animals experience it. They use them frequently to mark their territory and also to show their sexual disposition towards other animals of the same species. The use of pheromones extends even to agriculture. The field in which they are used with the aim of catching insects and dangerous parasites.

How do perfumes with pheromones work?

Its discovery took place thanks to Dr. Winnifred Cutler, who in 1986 showed the link that existed between these types of substances, the relationships between men and women, and sexual desire.

In the human body, the effects of pheromones are very intense, affecting, for example, the fertility of women, their menstrual cycles, and menopause. They are also responsible for two women who share much of their time together to menstruate at the same time over the months.

Today, these substances have reached the world of perfumery influencing the sexual desire we feel. Some may ask: but if we segregate pheromones ourselves. Why use a perfume that contains them?

The truth is that, after thousands and thousands of generations, humans no longer emit the same amounts of pheromones in a natural way as in past times, and the moments when we produce the most emission correspond to sweating. Therefore, many people decide to make use of pheromone perfumes.

For its manufacture, it is necessary to prepare a concentrate of human pheromones synthesized in a laboratory. Its application must take place after the bath since with the water its trace of our body disappears.

Pheromones in perfume can be used like any other type of fragrance or cologne. In the neck, in the wrists or on the clothes … In fact, human beings are not able to smell these pheromones. But they are perceived by an organ located in the back of our nose, and that works independently of the smell.

His name is nasal vomer, also known as Jacobson’s organ. Once this substance is perceived, emotions and sexual desires are generated within us.

This type of perfume does not pose any risk since it is manufactured in the same way as the rest of the perfumes. They present only a stimulating component that allows the attention of others.

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