Do Perfumes Really have Expiration?

Do perfumes really have expiration?

Before it was always said that perfumes had a year of life at most, but the truth is that it is not like that. Neither are they like a credit card that lasts for years. However, it has been discovered that a fragrance has no expiration date and we tell you all about this.

The perfumes with stronger smells last longer, those that between their aromas can perceive wood or patchouli actually make that as time passes, the aroma will improve.

On the other hand, the floral and fresh aromas do not last long, as they are lighter, the aroma tends to evaporate faster, so if these are your aromas, consider buying the small bottle.

Regardless of the aroma, strong, floral or fresh, perfumes should never be exposed to the sun or heat, as this affects the smell of the fragrance. If you are one of those who has a collection of perfumes on the dresser near a window or in the bathroom, you should know that the smell will not last for a long time. 

The best place to keep a perfume is a cold place, although it seems strange, maybe the refrigerator is the best option to keep them, just remember not to put it with butter so that it does not absorb odors.

You must keep your perfume bottles tightly closed because if you leave them open, the bottle comes into contact with the air and the aroma oxidizes.

And finally, its duration in your skin may depend on various factors such as skin type, however, perfumes with strong notes are those that tend to stay longer with you.

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