Creed Aventus Review

Creed Aventus Review

A recent worldwide survey found that women literally feel dazed when they cross paths with men who wear some kind of eau de cologne. Even if they are not that good-looking. Perfumes enhance the personality of a man and send out this message that the person is organized and careful about their looks.

Here we wrote a review about the one best-selling perfume for men named Creed Aventus and see why it is so popular.
Avenus creedis the largest and best-selling cologne for men.


CREED AVENTUS Perfume Review

In creating Aventus, Olivier Creed was inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte and so he tried to use ingredients that had a connection to the emperor. He used Louisiana birch, a state that was once ruled by Napoleon and blackcurrant from the Mediterranean island of Corsica – Napoleon’s birthplace. Since we received a small bottle of Aventus del Credo.

We have been able to enjoy the aroma for the past month. The cologne itself has a slightly sweet and fresh opening that is later transformed into pleasantly woody notes with a moderate touch of vanilla.

Aventus is made by Creed, a perfume house based in Paris with a 250-year-old history of manufacturing fragrant liquids. Avenus creed has stores in major cities including London. Aventus is among Creed’s top-selling perfumes and it has attained widespread commercial success since its launch in 2010.

“Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan” – Maurice Roucel, contemporary perfumer.


Creed’s master perfumer Olivier Creed hand-crafted Aventus, inspired as he was by the bold and colorful life of the French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte. Aventus is, thus, a celebration of strength, power, and success in men who lead a purposeful life.

It is a result of a refined mix of some of the finest ingredients in the world. And its main notes include fruity, smoky, leather, woody, musk, and birch. As Creed states, “Aventus is a sophisticated blend for individuals who savor a life well-lived.”

Creed Aventus Notes:

Top: Blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, French apples, and pineapple
Medium: Rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli
Base notes musk, oakmoss, ambergris, and vanilla.

Olivier Creed managed to create a bouquet that conveys the atmosphere of life, love, struggle, and victories of Napoleon Bonaparte with the help of ingredients collected around the world in places that are somehow connected with the life of the emperor. Perfume Aventus immediately became the most popular creed aventus for men of the brand and fully justified its name, because in Latin Aventus means “success”!

The top notes contain the aromas of the emperor’s childhood and youth: black currant from Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon, bergamot from Italy, where the first victories were won. An apple from France, where he became emperor, pineapple, and Napoleon’s favorite fruit dessert.

In heart notes, roses represent the emperor’s love, jasmine from Egypt recalls the famous address to his soldiers at the foot of the pyramid, patchouli symbolizes excellent health, and the throne of the emperor was made from Louisiana birch.

The base notes of Aventus perfume are dedicated to the mature years of Napoleon. Oakmoss from Spain symbolizes conquered countries. While ambergris from the deep sea symbolizes a powerful fleet. The trail ends with sweet vanilla – a symbol of aristocratic life at court.


The Aventus fragrance is at once masculine, stimulating, refreshing, young, and optimistic to those with a strong sense of smell. Its amazingly dynamic and crowd-pleasing fragrance has made it an all-time favorite of millions of men today and won it the epithet ‘The King of Fragrances’.


✓Rich, enticing, and fruity fragrance
✓A unique scent that gets you noticed increasingly
✓100% authentic
✓Reasonably priced
✓Big impact from the use of the small amount


The simple fact is that once you start wearing Aventus, you won’t think of wearing anything else. It’s that good. In other words, any man who is living his life to the fullest can make Aventus his signature scent. Creed’s website says, “Aventus man is destined to live a driven life, ever galloping with the wind at his back toward success.”


Aventus is the best-selling and best-known fragrance of the brand. The fragrance captivates with its freshness in the first 2-3 hours and then gradually changes to woody. The durability and sillage are enormous. The fragrance easily lasts for 12 hours on the body and is very well perceived by others.

Creed Aventus can be worn on almost all occasions – in the office as well as in leisure, in the club, and on the date. In addition, the fragrance can be worn in every season.

If I had to choose a single fragrance that I would have to wear every day and for all activities. Creed Aventus would be in a very narrow selection. Hardly any other fragrance gets so many compliments from women.

Admittedly, the fragrance is very expensive, but it really lasts a long time (approx. 12 hours) and can be used very sparingly. If no other fragrance works … Creed Aventus always works.


The scent of Aventus is long-lasting, it smells unique, and is a perfect choice for both formal and casual wear. Even though it’ll not be overpowering to those around you. Aventus will have people enquiring about what it is that you are wearing. There is originality in its formula that has a mass appeal about it. It is a masterpiece in perfumery.

Last but not least, it is reassuring to know that Aventus has won critical acclaim from both fashion critics and the general public. The US-based online fragrance resource Basenotes gave it a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Aventus has even clinched the Best Ever Men’s Fragrance Award in 2013.

So, expect to get tons of compliments on using this rich and authentic scent.


In this creed aventus review, we have found that no doubt one of the best creed aventus for men. Its unique fragrance really impresses the surrounding people. If you are going for a date then, you must wear creed cologne.

You will get lots of compliments because of its fresh and sexy smell. Not a single person ignores you after using creed aventus perfume. More information on Wikipedia.

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