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Before selecting the Best Women Perfume to Seduce a Man there are many important elements when it comes to seducing us, but one that we can never forget is our fragrance. Since time immemorial, aromas have been used as a basic weapon for seduction.

Certainly, perfumes are associated with our personality. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the right perfume at the moment to call the attention of that special person and leave a mark in his memory. Each one has its own characteristics and virtues.

Just as each woman is a world of her own. Therefore, the most important thing when seducing is to know your own personality and allow it to shine, but of course, why not enhance it with the ideal scent for you.

We would like to recommend Shalimar By Guerlain For Women and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. 

List of  Best Women Perfume to Seduce a Man

Product Name




Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Eau de Parfum Spray

Gucci Guilty Intense by Gucci for Women

COCO Mademoiselle by_Chanel Eau De Parfum Spray

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum Spray

L'Ambre Des Merveilles by Hermes for Women

Gucci Premiere by Gucci for Women

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal for Women Eau de Parfum

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Nectar Intense for Women

MISS DIOR - Christian Dior EDT SPR

Kenzo Jeu d'Amour Eau de Parfum

Guerlain Insolence For Women, Eau De Toilette Spray

Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

BURBERRY Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women

Calvin Klein Reveal Eau de Toilette for Men

Valentino Valentina Poudre By Eau De Parfum Spray

L'air du Temps by Nina Ricci for Women

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir L'Elixir Eau de Perfume

Gold Bouquet Perfume By Roberto Verino Edp Spray

Versace Crystal Noir by Versace for Women

Amor Amor By Cacharel For Women

Shalimar By Guerlain For Women Most Complimented Perfume

Most Complimented Perfume

It is part of the Oriental Spiced olfactory line. Shalimar expands its top notes with citrus, cedar, and bergamot in complex conjunction with leather and intense spices, to create an opulent and sophisticated long-lasting fragrance and a moderate wake.

Inspired by the story of the Muslim emperor Shah Jahan, who after losing his wife for almost 20 years. He spent another 20 years of his life to erect in his honor a super-famous mausoleum, nothing more and nothing less than the Taj Mahal in India and the Shalimar gardens in Pakistan.

Perfectly indicated for mature women. This perfume will undoubtedly make you a queen of the Orient. One so unforgettable as to inspire eternal loves and great works of art.

Therefore, it is one of the most complimented perfumes compare to other women’s perfumes.

 Manifesto of Yves Saint LaurentMost Seductive Perfumes for Women

Most Seductive Perfumes for Women

 It is Launched in 2015, this is a particularly sweet and radiant perfume. Its Oriental Floral style exudes an aroma of white flowers with a gourmand finish based on vanilla.

With this new olfactory line, Yves Saint Laurent moves away from a little from the classic character of perfumes like the Opium of the seventies or Paris of the eighties and takes hold in a much more modern, fresh and carefree style, in strong and independent femininity in where the jasmine is the great protagonist.

According to its creators, Manifiesto is a bold floral full of contrasts that olfactively describes the encounter between a Parisian woman and a New York man.

Already from its packaging, you can see its characteristics. Its bottle with a woman’s silhouette has a touch of color that focuses on the violet ring-belt cinched in half-transparent glass to give it the curvilinear hourglass shape so characteristic of the feminine body.

The cap is crowned like a golden and carved cylinder where the name of the house and its orange liquid can be seen. All these details are clearly reminiscent of the feminine, elegant, fresh, and audacious woman.

It is an ideal fragrance for the day, whose duration will surprise you. You can use it for a casual date or those romantic meetings during the afternoon. We assure you that you will not go unnoticed. That is why it is the most seductive perfume for women. 

Hugo Boss IN MOTION Eau de Toilette Best Feminine Perfume

Best Feminine Perfume

It combines the fresh aroma of peach with the sweet and subtle fragrance of violets, jasmine, and white flowers. Belonging to the Floral olfactory family. This perfume has a classic and elegant trend, ideal for the night and gala parties.

Launched in 2014, it establishes a more serious style within the Boss line that usually follows a more elegant cut within the Hugo Boss brand. As opposed to the more cheerful Boss Orange lines of 2009 and closer to what was proposed in the edition Boss Bottled Night of 2010.

The package adheres to sober lines with a straight bottle of black glass without ornaments. With a transparent cap and a gold border with the engraved Boss brand, with small points of jewel-like elegance at the inclined end of the lid and on the faceted edges Of the bottle.

This is because it is inspired by the classic black dress that every woman keeps in her wardrobe and that always tends to the mystery, to a classic and elegant seduction.

Its duration is moderate and its wake soft. If you are one of those women who seduce with the elegance of your image, this is the ideal perfume for you.

In short, it is one of the best feminine perfumes in the market. 

Guilty Intense by GucciMost Sensual Perfumes

Most Sensual Perfumes

Floral Oriental fragrance, with notes of tangerine and pink pepper. They together with the middle notes of heliotrope, violet, and lilac, achieve an elegant and imposing aroma, oriented more to the use for social gatherings in open environments.

A very high profile perfume with a long duration and awake that varies between heavy and moderate as time passes from the application. This version presents a reformulation of the original aromas to enhance new groups of notes already existing under an “Intense” label that leaves in 2011.

For the case of the feminine fragrance, the name Eau de Toilette is changed to an Eau de Parfum.

Its bottle maintains the same bottle shape with a slight change in the intensity of the golden tone and in the glass inside the Gucci logo that has a smoky tone.

If you are an imposing woman who knows what she wants and does what is necessary to achieve it. This is your ideal perfume since it is an intense aroma that requires strong personality. Therefore, it is one of the perfumes that attract men. 

Victoria’s Secret BombshellBest Seductive Perfumes for Ladies

Best Seductive Perfumes for Ladies

With fruity and sweet chords, Victoria’s Secret surprises with this fragrance in 2010. It is composed of a base of musk, woody notes, and oak moss. This combination of fruits, flowers, and woods becomes a very fresh fragrance for daily use. But at the same time evokes those feminine and sensual characteristics of every woman.

Its wake is moderate, as is its duration in time after the first application. With Bombshell you will feel especially glamorous, powerful, and eternally sensual.

Designed for women of yesterday, today, and forever. It has the design of an emerald bottle of impeccable cuts, pink stripes, a cap inspired by precious gems, and adorned with a black satin bow that gives a coquettish vintage detail.

This is no coincidence because it is inspired by the classic “sexy pumps” like the immortal Marilyn Monroe that will last in history as a sign of femininity and seduction. It is ideal for young women.

Gucci Premiere by GucciBest Value Perfume

Best Value Perfume

With floral, citrus, and woody accords, Gucci Premier is a sophisticated and glamorous version. It is added to the collection of perfumes of the Italian house as a proposal inspired by the glamor of Hollywood. The soft and fresh smell makes it suitable for occasions special.

His notes are bergamot and blackberry (black raspberry). On the other hand, the heart notes are white flowers, musk, and orange blossom, and the base notes are woody notes, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Its duration is moderate, while its wake is a bit soft, oriented towards the moderate. If in your day-to-day you feel like a Hollywood actress, this is the scent that characterizes you.

This perfume seems to stick to the Gucci by Gucci line by using a similar bottle shape. The rectangular design with a thick base and vertical bands engraved on the glass with a pendant on the front.

It differing from the Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette editions by Gucci in the use of a layer of gold paint that covers the entire bottle. With the cap, the word “Premiere” is written on the top as an autograph. The best value perfume for ladies.

Using it, you will feel like a very sensual actress in the middle of a parade through the red carpet. It is the best value perfume of the rest of the perfumes. 

L’Ambre des Merveilles de HermesPerfume that Attracts Guys

Perfume that Attracts Guys

From the Oriental olfactory family, it has a combination of amber, labdanum, vanilla, and patchouli that create a mysterious and at the same time sublime atmosphere.

It is a fragrance essentially for the night. It manages to highlight in its carrier the sensuality and eroticism that we all carry inside. The container maintains the shape of a circular bottle, common to all Merveilles perfumes.  Maintaining a yellow-toned finish that now leans towards a more golden finish.

An important feature of this perfume is that you should give it a little time so that its authentic essence is impregnated in the skin. Do not stay with the first impression. Let yourself be surprised by its kindness.

Jean Paul Gaultier ScandalPerfume to Seduce a Man

Perfume to Seduce a Man

Its notes are bergamot and tangerine which, combined with iris, African orange flower, and peony as heart notes, give rise to a special fragrance for summer, with a minimalist structure.

It is inspired by Gaultier’s “X Collection” clothing collection, where the designer incorporates the letter “X” into the design, creating a characteristic game in necklines, prints, belts or suspenders, which hint at forbidden desires and secret identities.

The bottle of the fragrance is the same that has been repeated in the many editions of Classic, adorning the torso with an “X” that crosses the chest from shoulder to waist and adding a small pendant with the shape of the same letter.

It is very feminine and sophisticated, but at the same time, they create a subtly seductive atmosphere, ideal for day to day.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf Great Smelling Perfume

Great Smelling Perfume

Another splendid perfume that belongs to the Oriental Floral family. With floral accords that make it a sweet and fine fragrance that breaks a bit with the idea of ​​floral aromas. As initial notes, it has natural ingredients such as olive and tea, floral middle notes, and a background of musk and patchouli.

This perfume, launched in 2005, is the winner of the FiFi Award Best National Advertising Campaign / Print 2006. Not in vain, it has a longevity that goes from durable to very durable and its wake. Although it is a bit heavy, undulates Gently, revealing a floral note.

If your tastes are particularly sweet and your weapons of seduction are characterized by being caramellated and passionate, you should try this perfume, but be careful, because just like sugar, it can be addictive.

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum by Christian DiorPheromones to Attract Men

Pheromones to Attract Men

Cyprus Fruit Fragrance, with notes of tangerine and strawberry. This fragrance is a new version of the mythical Miss Dior Original perfume. It is created in 1947 by Christian Dior himself in the revolutionary era of the new look.

E l spirit and elegance of Miss Dior Original still alive with Miss Dior Cherie (2011), the heart notes of this perfume, jasmine, and rose, are very feminine and elegant, giving it a sweet and refined touch to Same time.

It comes in a rectangular jar with a bow on the lid. Which gives it elegance and glamor. If you like the sweet aromas that highlight the romanticism of the process of seduction, you should try this fragrance. You could get trapped, or rather, you could be trapped by you.

 Avon Alpha –  Perfume that Drives a Man Crazy

Perfume that Drives a Man Crazy

In-game presents the resulting aroma among blood orange, raspberry, and lychee. Its heart notes are fruity notes and honeysuckle, which give way to fruity and woody accords, while still being sweet.

It is undoubtedly a perfume that your boy can not let go unnoticed. The package consists of an elongated and thinner variant of the male bottle of Alpha. Retaining the same type of silver stopper.

But approaching the shape of a bottle to a woman’s silhouette with a zone acinturada in the center that opens towards the base as a formal dress.

If you are an independent and versatile woman who does not lose sight of elegance. This fragrance could fall like a glove. By launching it, Avon also includes the release of its version for men, so you could surprise your partner and together they will be the center of attention wherever they go.

Jeu D’Amour of KenzoSeductive Perfumes for Her

Seductive Perfumes for Her

If you are a feminine woman, sensual and captivating, do not hesitate to try this fragrance made in 2014 especially for women like you. It is a perfume inspired by the idea of ​​reinventing love and that explores all facets of the game of seduction.

With rich ingredients such as red mandarin, orange, and tea, combined with the delicate aroma of tuberose and freesia. It is certain that if you try it you will enjoy the seduction bottled in a jar.

It has a moderate wake and good fixation to the skin. Being sweet, without becoming cloying. It is perfect to achieve that sexy touch that you can use in your favor. Its design is bold and a true statement of sensuality. It leaves no doubt that it is a perfume made to seduce.

Guerlain’s InsolenceEveryday Perfume

Everyday Perfume

This is a sparkling and unexpectedly seductive fragrance, designed for free, spontaneous, and daring women. Created in the year 2006. It predominates in her atalcado and floral chords, given by its initial notes of raspberry, bergamot, red berries, and lemon.

The perfume has a long duration after applied and its wake is heavy, becoming huge. It can make you feel very tender and naughty at the same time. Its bottle is captivating, created by the sculptor Serge Manseau.  It seems carved in light.

Nothing stands between the crystal and the glow it treasures. Body, neck, and plug, each of these three hemispheres generate a triple revolution around itself. This fragrance is an adventure that you can not miss.

Weekend for Women by Burberry –  Nice Fragrance Perfume

Nice Fragrance Perfume

From the Floral olfactory family, Burberry’s Weekend for Women is fragrant. A floral-chic fragrance with fresh release notes that combine perfectly with a heart of flowers and a final touch with base notes of sandalwood, musk, and cedar.

All this creates a fresh scent.  Ideal for field trips or any other outlet that includes being in contact with nature.

Despite its freshness, it is still a classic and elegant fragrance. If your ways of seducing are closer to the natural, to the search for the essence and truth of women. This is the perfume you’ve been looking for

It comes in a glass jar with checks prints that will beautifully decorate your hairstyle table. It has a moderate duration as well as its wake.

Calvin Klein RevealBest Women’s Pheromone Perfume

Best Women's Pheromone Perfume

Reveal stands out for its duality, as it combines an enveloping warmth with a surprising freshness. Its output notes are made up of innovative ingredients such as salt and pepper. With a heart where the iris and gray amber melt, to give as a result an aroma capable of capturing the erotic smells of the skin.

Its creators have been inspired by skin bathed in the summer sun and sea salt. So it is ideal if you are one of those bold and spontaneous women who vibrate with freshness and fun, but with unflagging confidence in themselves.

Both the wake of this perfume and its duration are moderate. Making it ideal for any occasion. Reveal is the first of a new direction that Calvin Klein, in collaboration with Coty. It has taken to innovate and at the same time return to the roots that have left us great titles like Eternity or CK One.

The result is warm, smooth, and balanced. The design of its bottle consists of a square, which is separated in the middle, and which opens into two triangles. One of the triangles being the bottle itself, and the other, the stopper.

We can say that it is a truly original, elegant, and modern design, which has attracted the attention of several critics.

Jasmin Noir L’Elixir de BvlgariFeminine Perfume

Feminine Perfume

Its Oriental Floral fragrance opens with sparkling notes, sweet and spicy in combination with a delicate floral center where aromas such as orange, pink pepper, jasmine sambac, and tuberose stand out.

This 2012 fragrance becomes a cocktail of seduction for women as exquisite as elegant. It is perfect for you if you are one of those sophisticated women who like to highlight their sensuality without becoming too extravagant.

Its luxurious black bottle is decorated with a glamorous and ultra-feminine atomizer that gives a touch of elegance without equality. It is said to be a perfume so exquisite, elegant, and luxurious that it becomes liquid gold, in the elixir of seduction.

Gold Diva by Roberto Verino Goog Quality Perfume

Goog Quality Perfume

One of the Floral Fruity olfactory family, Gold Diva is a perfume that stands out for the presence of passion fruit or passion fruit. It together with fragrant tropical-looking flowers. It is a tribute to femininity that incorporates the idea of ​​modernity.

Released in 2012, it is the third fragrance in the series associated with the Spanish designer Roberto Verino that follows the Gold editions of 2009 and Gold Bouquet of 2010. Its duration is moderate as is its wake. That makes it ideal for spring and tropical climates.

The package adheres to the bottle shapes established by the first Gold perfume. With a rectangular bottle of the square base with its side and top edges faceted like a gem. Keeping a transparent rectangular cap with the word «Gold» on the face superior, but changing the color of the bottle glass to a soft violet.

With this perfume, you will undoubtedly awaken passions as you pass by, combining an almost Amazonian strength and seduction that at the same time shows a fine thread of tenderness.

Valentino Valentina Poudre By Eau De Parfum  –  Best Soft Smelling Perfume

Best Soft Smelling Perfume

From the Cyprus Flower olfactory family, the Valentina Assoluto (2012) is pure sumptuousness. With notes of bergamot, peach, and truffle, whose resulting aroma turns into dark tones that after a few minutes decant into a floral note.

Its duration, like its wake, is moderate. The container has a flat circular shape with a black pearl as a spray valve. With a decoration on the front face formed by a single flower in brown tones without references to leaves, with glass and metal parts also assuming an amber finish.

If what you are looking for is an elegant, glamorous and eye-catching perfume, do not hesitate to try it. If your style is imposing and elegant, you can use it at any time of the day and for any occasion.

Potion for Woman by Dsquared2

Potion for Woman by Dsquared2

Launched to the market in 2012, this scent is made especially to seduce. With a Floral Cyprus character, this fragrance stands out for it’s vanilla and violet aromas. Which give rise to a magic potion inspired by the ancient alchemists.

Its mixture is specially designed to last a long time on the skin. Which makes it suitable for cold climates and night. It’s packaging, in keeping with the inspiring idea generated by the fragrance, evokes the simplicity of the artisanal colony.

If you are one of those determined and independent women. This is the perfume you were looking for. You can be sure that this fragrance will help you to mark that strength and sensuality that is in you.

 Final Words

There are aromas that are especially attractive to men. Among them are flowers such as jasmine and lavender, wood, amber, and vanilla. However, the most important thing is that there are combinations of fragrances that are not only attractive but that awaken in them different sensations such as tenderness, romanticism, desire, and passion.

It is for this reason that below we present a list of twenty perfumes. If you make part of your daily look, they will become your perfect for the purpose of seducing that man you like and leave a mark (in this case olfactory) that will last in your subconscious.

Remember that perfume is an invisible accessory, but extremely noticeable. If you choose a fragrance that goes with your character and at the same time is appropriate to the situation and your seduction, you will not only achieve your goal, but you will also feel like a goddess while you do it.

Be yourself, shine, and live the process of facing the world who you are. Do not forget that seduction is a simple hunting game that you can enjoy as much as they do.

We prefer you to use Shalimar By Guerlain For Women and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell. Because they both perfume are the Best Women Perfume to Seduce a Man

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