Top 20 Best Cologne for Teenage Guys & Young Men 2021

Top 20 Best Cologne for Teenage Guys & Young Men 2021

Best Cologne for Teenage Guys and Young Men

It is a fact that teens and young men care more about their appearance every day. In adolescence you are in a stage of change, both physical and mental, your thoughts change, tastes change, body changes, and especially your hormones.

Therefore, Choosing the Best cologne for teenage guys and young men according to your age and personality seems like an easy task. But sometimes there are so many options that it is easy to get lost.

I would like to recommend you to buy Invictus by Paco Rabanne or Calvin Klein CK One. They both are the best cologne for teenage guys and young men. Young men and teenage guys can use these perfumes because of their very good fragrance.

That is why we want to help you with a list of the 20 best perfumes for teenage guys and young men.

We have selected this list of best men’s cologne for young adult and teenage guys who want to find their perfect scent.

How to choose the best cologne for teenage guys and young men?

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the best cologne for teenage guys and young men that is why, before starting with our list, we want to help you with some tips to make it easier for you to choose.

As a general rule, adolescents tend to have a preference for those fresh floral and fruity perfumes that highlight their youth and differentiate them from adults. Normally they are not very intense and strong perfumes, but rather casual and light that conveys that jovial and not overloaded spirit.

Rest assured that most will shy away from classic scents, the most important thing is that you try a good selection of options and decide which one you like the most and the one that goes with your personality. We have mentioned only the best cologne for young men and teenage guys in the market.

best cologne for teenage guys

20 Best Colognes Teenage Guys and Young Men

Product Name




Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Calvin Klein ck one

Christian Dior Homme Sport

Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

Paco Rabanne Black Xs for Men

BLUE JEANS by Gianni Versace


Givenchy Play for Men 

Tommy/Tommy Hilfiger EDT/Cologne

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Pour Lui

Guess Seductive Homme FOR MEN

Adidas Moves for Men


Carolina Herrera 212 By Carolina

Ferrari Scuderia Black Eau De Toilette

C/k In 2ú Colõgne For Men

Puma Man Animagical Deodorant

CK Be by Calvin Klein for Unisex

Invictus by Paco Rabanne Eau De ToiletteBest Perfume for Teenage Guys   


Best perfume for teenage guys
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The definition for this fragrance would be victorious (living up to its name), competitive and vital. It was born under the Woody- Aquatic olfactory family for men in 2013. Its presentation is a trophy-shaped bottle very much in line with its manly aroma.

In its fresh top notes, you can perceive the delight of grapefruit in the company of mandarin and enigmatic marine notes. Then, in its spicy heart, scents such as bay leaf and the fragrance of jasmine stand out. They subtly flirt with a warmer background of guaiac wood, oakmoss, patchouli, and the powerful ambergris.

With moderate longevity on the skin. This fragrance is ideal for active youth, those who like freedom and know how to use leadership. In the same way, its trail is also moderate, so you can use it in closed spaces such as the office (without ruling out open places) and on sunny spring and summer days.

Calvin Klein CK one Eau de ToiletteBest Cologne for 14 year Old Boy  

Best cologne for teenage guys
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Under a unisex concept, this fragrance was launched in 1994 under the Citrus-Aromatic olfactory family. Its accords are characterized by the presence of green, powdery, and floral elements that offer a very gentle and uncomplicated delight. Its presentation is a simple bottle, which emulates urban and active youth.

In its exit, you can perceive the fresh notes of pineapple, mandarin, lemon, and bergamot. As well as the sweetness of papaya, spicy cardamom and other green touches that maintain its natural character. A spicy heart of nutmeg and fragrances such as lily of the valley root, jasmine, and sublime rose. They are subtly combined with a warmer background offered by cedar and oakmoss, accompanied at the same time with mythical scents and presence such as sandalwood, amber, and musk.

It has moderate longevity and trail, making it ideal for warm summer and spring days, and informal situations. However, its use for special occasions and temperate climates cannot be ruled out. Many young people today like this colony as it identifies them with its unbridled momentum.

Christian Dior Homme Sport  – Cologne for 13 year Old Boy  

best cologne for teenage guys
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This versatile perfume, which belongs to the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family for men. It was launched on the market in 2017. Its presentation is of a simple and transparent bottle, just like today’s young people.

It has citric top notes of grapefruit, blood orange, lemon, and a sweet touch of pear, which are delicately joined by a spicy heart of pepper, nutmeg, and the fragrance of rose and geranium. It goes to an elegant but simple background where elements such as vetiver, sandalwood, and woods give it an exquisite aroma.

This perfume can be used at any time of the year, either in the spring, summer, and autumn and during the day or night. Because it has a wake and moderate longevity s and among the youth is mature and sporty at the same time.

Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance  – Best Cologne for High Schoolboy  

best cologne for teenage guys
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Distinguished and grandiose are the synonyms of this fragrance from the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family that was launched in 1997. Its green, citrus, and aromatic accords offer a wonderful elixir, which is packaged in a current and fresh bottle.

Fresh notes of mint, yuzu, bergamot, ginger, and greens flagrantly melt into a heart that contains rosemary, lavender, violet leaves, snow flower, and the delight of geranium. Then, it is combined with a background of cypress, fir, cedar, musk, amber, and calm balms, giving warmth to its composition.

In the spring and summer days, this cologne will be enhanced since it has a moderate trail and longevity on the skin. It is recommended to be used daily, since it is very fresh, and young people, executive, and casual gentlemen will not go unnoticed with its smell.

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren  – Best Cologne for 11 year Old Boy 

best cologne for teenage guys
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Under the Aromatic-Green olfactory family, this perfume was launched in 1994. The main accords are made up of aldehydes, greens, and citrus, and its container is a relaxing bottle in a very aquatic and revitalizing blue color.

Opening notes of aldehydes, apricot, lavender, peppermint, neroli, and citrus fruits such as mandarin, lemon, and bergamot, happily flutter with their heart of cyclamen, ginger, seagrass, Brazilian rosewood, and flowers such as rose, geranium, and jasmine. These aromas open with base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar and guaiac wood, resulting in a light fragrance with a summery temperament.

This composition is complicated due to the variety of elements that comprise it. However, they all harmonize pleasantly. Its trail is moderate as is its longevity, making it the preferred one for daily use. Especially used in the heat of summer, at the beach, the gym, or simply on special occasions. Being energetic and manly, this is highly sought after by young enthusiasts and sporty but who have a touch of elegance.

Paco Rabanne Black Xs  – Cologne for a 13 year Old Boy 

best cologne for young men
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In 2005 this fragrance was launched under the Oriental-Woody olfactory family. It has an elegant black bottle, which not only refers us to its dark and mysterious elixir but also represents glorious and sexy young people.

Its output is made up of the freshness of lemon and sage, combining them with an exotic heart of tolu balsam, black cardamom, cinnamon, and praline. Then, in its background of patchouli, black amber, and Brazilian rosewood, its unforgettable aroma is perceived.

Its trail ranges from moderate to heavy, making it ideal to be worn in spring and fall throughout the day. But it will shine with all its splendor at night and on special occasions. It is long-lasting with a great smell. You will feel the fragrance for the whole day with just one time applied.


Blue Jeans By Gianni VersaceBest Cologne for 12 year Old Boy 

best cologne for teenage guys
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This perfume made its appearance in 1994, under the Aromatic olfactory family. It has delicious fresh, woody, floral, and citrus chords, which are packaged in a bottle that resembles a soda. It containing a very refreshing blue liquid that makes us imagine the youthful man of today.

In its exit, warm notes of woods such as Virginia juniper, Brazilian rosewood, and citrus bergamot are perceived, the sweetness of anise and basil. Subtly, it melds into a fragrant heart of carnation, jasmine, geranium, lily of the valley, pink queen, and luscious heliotrope. In the same way, it is accompanied by the freshness of lavender, sage, and fir. It is followed by a background of the iris, sandalwood, the delights of tonka bean and amber, to advance with deeper aromas of patchouli, vetiver, elegant musk, cedar, and wonderful vanilla.

Its longevity and trail are moderate, making it ideal for summer and spring when the temperature rises in the bright sun. It is ideal for energetic and carefree young people and with its aroma, you will feel like a fish in the water.

Hugo Boss IN MOTIONBest Cologne for Young Men 

best cologne for teenage guys
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Hugo Boss, once again, stands out with this fragrance, which belongs to the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family. It was launched on the market in 2006 and its elegant and sensual presentation is a black bottle, in the shape of a globe, and with a futuristic design.

Its accord is monolithic and it is composed of few ingredients. Even so, it has a sublime and fresh aroma granted by elements such as kumquat (dwarf orange), bergamot, grapefruit, species such as ginger, and the mysteries of myrrh and sandalwood.

Its longevity on the skin, as well as its scent, are moderate, and dynamic, sexy and manly youths love this fragrance for its unmatched freshness.

Givenchy Play for Men by Givenchy  – Best Perfume for Teenage Guys 

best cologne for young men
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This versatile perfume was launched on the market in 2008. It belongs to the Citrus-Aromatic olfactory family and its presentation is a whitish bottle, which is inspired by technological devices.

Its top notes are citrus and fresh, given by elements such as bergamot, grapefruit, bitter orange, and mandarin. Its most solid heart is made up of white Cuiaba flower, (Amyris wood), pepper, tobacco flower, and coffee that harmoniously blend into a background of vetiver and patchouli.

With a moderate scent, it is ideal for spring and summer, either during the day or at night. Its longevity on the skin is also moderate. It will allow you to feel its scent for a long time. For being casual and timeless, this fragrance is liked by men who bet on the seductive game.

Tommy Hilfiger CologneBest Cologne for Men 

best cologne for teenage guys
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This fragrance belongs to the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family. It has masterfully conceived elements and the presentation is simple and classic and consists of a transparent bottle.

Its top notes include green leaves, aromatic basil, clary, and the warm wood of Virginia juniper. Advancing in its smell, a heart of orange blossom, coriander, white pepper, ginger, and salt is perceived. It ends with a background of vetiver, sandalwood, and driftwood.

Its trail, like its longevity, is moderate. You can use it during the summer, spring and during the day, its aroma will be felt in all its power. Due to its aquatic composition, it is preferred by vigorous, energetic men who like the smell of the sea and the pier.

 Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Pour LuiYoung Mens Cologne 

best cologne for teenage guys
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With main floral, woody, and citrus chords, this perfume was launch in 2011, under the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family. It comes in a simple and fresh presentation with the logo of the typical Cayman house as an ornament.

Outstanding top notes of rosemary, cardamom, and fresh grapefruit blend with the subtlety and deliciousness of the heart of ylang-ylang and tuberose, culminating in a solid and energetic background of Virginia cedar, vetiver, leather, and suede.

It has a moderate trail and its clean scent is ideal to be worn during spring and summer and on radiant and refreshing days. Its longevity also moderate. It will allow you to feel perfumed for a long time.

Guess Seductive HommeBest Cologne for College Students 

best cologne for teenage guys
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This manly, elegant, and dark bottle contains a wonderful elixir that was created under the Oriental-Woody olfactory family in 2010. It has some main balsamic, powdery, and woody accords that will make you addicted to its aroma.

Delicious top notes composed of cardamom, tangerine, and pink pepper join a heart of vetiver, violet, and orchid. In order to melt like a root to a background of musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and amber.

Its longevity, as well as its wake, are moderate, and due to its strong components. It is ideal to be used during autumn, winter, and on cool nights. Robust and confident men are regulars of its scent that at no time will leave them out of the game.

Adidas Moves for Men Best Cologne for 20 year Old Man

Best cologne for teenage guys
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In 2008, this fragrance was launched under the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family. Its main chords are balsamic and spicy, and the red bottle that represents. It allows us to imagine rough, sexy, and vigorous men.

It’s simple but decisive composition offers us the delight of the green apple on its way out; then a heart of lavender and pepper meets a luscious undertone of tonka bean, redwood, and the elegance of musk.

Its trail is classified as moderate to heavy and so you can safely wear it during the summer, autumn, and day or night. Their longevity on the skin is also temper to and for you who are energetic and like the passion for the game, you will feel comfortable and protected.

PACO RABANNE Pure XsBest Cologne for Teenage Guys 2021 

best cologne for teenage guys
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This aromatic and balsamic perfume was launched on the market in 2000, with the arrival of the new millennium. Its presentation consists of a simple bottle with a golden cap, revealing the elegance of its content.

In its top notes, petitgrain, the freshness of mint and bergamot are pleasantly perceived; breaking through is its heart of juniper from Virginia, rosewood from Brazil, and the sweetness of the watermelon. It culminates in a more robust hint of oakmoss, cedar, and the arrogance of musk and leather.

Its wake is heavy as is its longevity, and at night and special moments. It will give us all its brilliance. Elegant, strong, and determined men are regulars of this wonderful smell.

Carolina Herrera 212 By Carolina HerreraBest Cologne for Boys 

best cologne for teenage guys
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This perfume clearly synthesizes the elegance of its designer. It was launched on the market in 2012 and belongs to the Citrus-Aromatic olfactory family. It’s delicious content with floral and dynamic accords. They are finely packaged in an original transparent and silver bottle, undeniably very youthful.

In its top notes, the fresh and unmistakable fragrances of pink grapefruit, citrus leaves, lemon, grass, and other spices are perceived. It thus moves on to a bright and fresh heart of gardenia and ginger to advance to a more animal background of white musk and the mystical sandalwood and incense.

This perfume is ideal for use in spring, summer, and during the day, as it has a moderate trail as well as its longevity. The sound of its scent is spontaneous, sensual, and concise, just as the young people of this generation are.

Ferrari Scuderia Black Good Cologne for Young Men 

best cologne for teenage guys
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Under the Citrus-Aromatic olfactory family, Ferrari fragrance was launched on the market in 1997. Its composition is simple, as is its presentation, which consists of a transparent bottle revealing its yellow and delicious elixir.

Citrus notes of lemon, bergamot, orange, and refreshing mint accompany a heart of peach and galbanum (iris and mace). Subsequently, sandalwood, musk, cedar, and sweet vanilla harmoniously join each other, to offer us a more solid background.

Being refreshing with powdery and woody scents. It is ideal for young people who feel free and unattached. Its trail and longevity are moderate, and wearing it will simply shine like the sun under the summer weather.

IN2U Eau De Toilette Spray Best Perfume for College Students

best cologne for teenage guys
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This designer, icon of fashion and youth, launched a magnificent perfume on the market in 2007, under the Aromatic-Fougère olfactory family. It has the main citrus and green accords and its presentation is a transparent bottle, with clean and fresh lines.

Its aroma is made up of simple elements and the citrus notes of lemon and tomato leaves are perceived in its exit. It is combined with a sweet and creamy heart provided by cocoa. Finally, it melts like a glow to a more solid background of vetiver, cedar, and white musk.

With a moderate trail as well as its longevity, you will prefer it for spring, summer, and during daylight hours. Although it is not discarded for the rest of the year and at night. Free and uninhibited guys love this fragrance, thanks to its unforgettable scent.

Nike Indigo Man Best School Fragrances 

best cologne for teenage guys
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The glare and strength of the ocean were created in this fragrance that belongs to the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family for men. It was launched in the market in 2015. Its wonderful elixir is packaged in a suggestive bottle in indigo color like the sea.  Such, as its name implies.

Fresh top notes of lemon, lavender, and exotic pepper join a heart of orange blossom and neroli.  To finish, a background of amber, sandalwood and ebony, and cedar woods is shown.

With moderate longevity on the skin as well as its wake, it is ideal for the cool days of the first and fall. Bold and victorious men are usually its bearers.

Puma Man Animagical

best cologne for teenage guys
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Under a fresh and irreverent concept, this manly and determined fragrance was born in 2010. Its packaging is a bottle in blue, adorned with animal print reliefs, and adorned with the logo of the house.

Its composition is simple and at its exit sweet apple and cardamom are perceived. It continues with a spicy and fresh heart offered by rosemary, basil, and pineapple, to culminate with solid, warm, and woody base notes.

In the summer and spring, and hours of the day, its scent of wake and moderate longevity will be felt splendidly. Dynamic, youthful, vital, and radiant men like this explosive cologne.

Calvin Klein Be Perfume Unisex

best cologne for teenage guys
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Klein once again stands out with this fragrance that was launched on the market in 1996, under a unisex concept. It belongs to the Musk-Floral-Woody olfactory family and its presentation is a dark, classic, and elegant bottle.

It is made up of top notes of lavender, greens, mint, bergamot, mandarin orange, and Virginia juniper. Then, in its heart of herbs, magnolia, and jasmine, the elegance of the orchid stands out, which becomes the main protagonist, but not before delighting ourselves with the fruity delights of freesia and peaches. Moving to a background of cedar and chords of amber, sandalwood, musk, and opoponax. This olfactory circle will melt us with its vigorous but discreet glow.

With a moderate trail, its fragrance is adaptable both in summer and spring and during the day and also for special occasions and at night. Due to its moderate longevity, you can feel perfumed for many hours.

 Final words

With this review, you already know the benefits offered by this selection of best perfumes for teenage guys and young men, among which are indisputably the most prestigious and quality. So now you can choose from among them the one that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle.

I would prefer to use Invictus by Paco Rabanne or Calvin Klein CK One. These are the best cologne for teenage guys. They both have amazing fragrances and quality ingredients. I hope you won’t regret it if buying this perfume. Because these are the best cologne for young men and teenage guys.


What is the best cologne for teenage guys?

There are many cologne for teenage guys. But most teenage guys like  Invictus by Paco Rabanne. Its smell is great and long-lasting.

Which cologne smells the best on young guys?     

Well, every cologne has a good fragrance but Christian Dior Homme Sport is awesome for young guys. Many guys are using this cologne and satisfied with the smells and quality.

Can high schoolers wear cologne?

Yes, they can wear cologne but they don’t put on too much. They can put a few sprays on the wrist and neck before going to school.

Should I wear cologne every day?

Yes, you can use cologne every day. It boosts up your confidence and keeps you unique from the rest of the people.

At what age should you wear cologne?

The appropriate age of children to use cologne is 12 – 13 years. They can use body spray but later on, they can use actual cologne.

What is the best cologne for a young man?

The best cologne for a young man is Tommy Hilfiger Cologne. The fragrance of this cologne is attractive.

What is the longest-lasting men’s cologne?

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Pour Lui is one of the long lasting men cologne.

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