Best Long Lasting Perfume for Women in 2023

long lasting perfume

1.Marc Jacobs fragrances Daisy Eau Best selling women’s perfume


Best selling women's perfume

This is a famous longest lasting perfume because of its young and fresh smell, for example, the grassy field in full bloom in spring.

Marc Jacobs daisy can be used in daily routine life but you will feel Special. If you are new or want to change your perfume then this is best for you.

Its aroma is grapefruit, vanilla, wood, and jasmine. Your bottle (there are different sizes) stands out for its stopper, with several margaritas.

One of the strong perfume for women who are already thirty and is the best seller. The work of a designer that has gradually opened doors in this complicated market, this fragrance gives a certain youthful touch while providing elegance.

2.Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Best long lasting perfume for women


Best long lasting perfume for women

Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb will make you fresh because of its sweet and fresh notes. It is a pretty mixture of different ingredients green tea, bergamot, jasmine, freesia, rose, and orchid.

This perfume is so unique because of its smell and oil with milky, powdery notes. This strong perfume for women is best for all events, especially you can use it for a night out and joining parties.                             

3. Yves Saint Laurent black opiumLong-lasting ladies perfume


Long-lasting ladies perfume

It is a perfume that is not new, it was launched on the market at the end of the 70s, but it is an option that never fails. Yves Saint Laurent is a born specialist in this sense and knew how to create and sell a product dedicated to the most elegant woman.

Its aromas are reminiscent of fruits such as tangerines or plums and even laurel. It is a perfume that lasts all day and brings a lot of attraction to personalities

Yves Saint Laurent one of the sensual fragrances. It has excellent sweet coffee and vanilla mixture that smell outstanding.

Bold, sexy, and addictive, YSL Black Opium intense features notes including absinth, black coffee, vanilla, and jasmine. The best choice for those who are interested to make a big impression with perfume.

The perfume that last all day is best for girls who want tonight out at the club also you will feel confident and bold. However, those people who like light fragrances can also use it.

4.Chanel coco mademoiselle – Best Chanel perfume


Best Chanel perfume

Titled to celebrate the year in which Gabrielle Chanel received the Neiman Marcus Fashion award in Dallas, Chanel’s 1957 fragrance from the Les Exclusif’s collection is a gorgeous fragrant scent, complemented by notes of bergamot, neroli, cedar, iris, and honey.

Every woman wants to be special in life. And for that, she does something special.

Coco Mademoiselle is a stylish and attractive perfume.  It is citrusy and acute and sophisticated. It is a mixture of vanilla and musk. If you are interested in the smell of patchouli then coco mademoiselle is the best choice for you.

On this list could not miss a Chanel fragrance. Coco is the best long lasting women’s perfume that is not new either but which is always among the best sellers. The manufacturer has been modernizing the product changing the name but always respecting the word Coco in front.

The latest creation is Coco Mademoiselle. Its aroma is a composition based on tonka bean and vanilla that results in a lasting and powerful effect and, above all, an addictive effect.

 5. Tom Ford Black Orchid Great smelling perfume


Great smelling perfume

Tom Ford’s black orchid has solid musky smells. It is sexual arousal. this is a mixture of black truffle and ylang mingled with additional bergamot and blackcurrant. You have to use it slightly as it goes in a long way. So careful not to use too much.

Tom Ford’s black orchid is special for evenings. you should use it on your coming dinner date.

It is a new collection for spring devoted to musks, Tom Ford’s Jasmine Musk is a heady mixture of spicy and floral notes with ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, and vanilla. Delicate and beautiful.

6. Lancome La Vie Est Belle  –  Popular perfumes for women


Popular perfumes for women

If you like unique perfume. For this Lancome La vie est belle is shiness and young and floral perfume that is best for you. It is a mixture of iris. Jasmine. Orange blossom and patchouli with blackcurrant and pear make it smell sweet and nice.

This perfume smell lasts long the day and its use is best in the day and evening time. Its smell is ideal for a young girl and little use of it makes you feel like standing in a garden full of bloom.

This perfume is very sweet, fresh, and seductive. It is the orange blossom star. Lancome is the newer, fresher, and lighter version of the amazing original La Vie Est Belle de Parfum.  It is much better and unique.

La Vie Est Belle is French for life is beautiful and this is indeed a beautiful perfume. It is a semi-fresh, fruity vibe mix of sweetness and slight florals. It is sensual and addictive. This perfume is long-lasting and a big compliment getter. In short, the perfume that last all day is suitable for everything, everybody, the office, a date, etc.

A stylish and perfect-smelling perfume that attracts everyone. Its bottle is also very nice.

  7. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia – Beautiful fragrance perfume


Beautiful fragrance perfume

It is the perfumes that last all day with classic and fresh fragrance quality. It smells like cider with slight freesia and a champagney pear which makes it the best choice for daily use. Its bottle is classy and simple and will look a great impression on your personality.

It is the version of the best-loved classic, this scent is shimmering, fresh, and absolutely tasty, clementine flower has a slightly bittersweet note that melts perfectly into lilac and sandalwood for a slightly spicy combination.

8. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell  – Best perfume for young ladies


Best perfume for young ladies

This perfume is best to use in summer and for all ages of women. Victoria’s secret bombshell is a mixture of passion fruit and vanilla orchid. Its sweet smell makes people crazy. The bottle is also designed in a good way and looks attractive.  I recommend to all, please you can try the best long lasting women’s perfume.

With fruity and sweet chords, Victoria’s Secret surprises with this fragrance in 2010, which is composed of a base of musk, woody notes, and oakmoss. This combination of fruits, flowers, and woods becomes a very fresh fragrance for daily use, but at the same time evokes those feminine and sensual characteristics of every woman.

Its wake is moderate, as is its duration in time after the first application. With Bombshell you will feel especially glamorous, powerful, and eternally sensual.

Designed for women of yesterday, today, and forever. It has the design of an emerald bottle of impeccable cuts, pink stripes, a cap inspired by precious gems, and is adorned with a black satin bow that gives a coquettish vintage detail.

This is no coincidence because it is inspired by the classic “sexy pumps” like the immortal Marilyn Monroe that will last in history as a sign of femininity and seduction, which is ideal for young women.


9. Gucci Premiere by Gucci – The long lasting sweet perfume


The long lasting sweet perfume

Established in partnership with nose Alberto Morillas, this sensual scent is odorous of rose, jasmine, and tuberose with welcome chypre notes to cut through florals. A base of patchouli adds musky femininity, while fresh ginger provides a fresh finish.

With floral, citrus, and woody accords, Gucci Premier is a sophisticated and glamorous version that is added to the collection of perfumes that last all day in the Italian house as a proposal inspired by the glamor of Hollywood, with a soft and fresh smell that makes it suitable for occasions special.

His notes are bergamot and blackberry (black raspberry), on the other hand, the heart notes are white flowers, musk, and orange blossom, and the base notes are woody notes, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Its duration is moderate, while its wake is a bit soft, oriented towards the moderate. If in your day-to-day you feel like a Hollywood actress, this is the scent that characterizes you.

This perfume seems to stick to the Gucci by Gucci line by using a similar bottle shape, with a rectangular design with a thick base and vertical bands

engraved on the glass with a pendant on the front, differing from the Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette editions by Gucci by Gucci in the use of a layer of gold paint that covers the entire bottle, with the cap with the word “Premiere” written on the top as an autograph.

Using it, you will feel like a very sensual actress in the middle of a parade through the red carpet. The best long lasting women’s perfumehas a delightful smell. it’s so simple and vibrant. This is a combination of jasmine. Tuberose and honeysuckle aroma. It’s so powerful.

It is ideal for all ages of ladies and can be used in any season of the year.If you are interested in a feminine and sweet fragrance, then this perfume is for you.

10. Burberry Eau De ParfumBest classic perfume


Best classic perfume

This perfume is classy and the best choice for all ladies. it is a mixture of beautiful peach, apricot, vanilla, and musk with hints of cedar, pea, sandalwood, and musk.

This is so hot and it can be great to use it in the daytime. The first time it smells fruity with a mixture of musk .it has a unique scent that why when you use it everybody will tell you.

11. Bvlgari Eau Parfumee  – Best everyday perfume


Best everyday perfume

Bvlgari perfume is like white tea and classy. It is blended with flowers, a musk undertone, and a hint of citrus which make it genuinely unique and attractive.  This perfume can use both men and women if you are interested in versatile perfume that’s is best for daytime and night tie. Then try this perfume.

12. Miss Dior Blooming BouquetBest versatile perfume


Best versatile perfume

Miss Dior blooming bouquet is like spring in a bottle. It is so floral and scents like a pink rose, peonies, bergamot, and musk. This long lasting perfumes can be used all-female of any age.

The fragrance of this perfume is timeless and long-lasting. Slightly use of this scent will go long the day and you will get lots of compliments when meeting with your friends.

This is a super versatile perfume with sweet, fresh fruity floral. It smells like rose candy with little citrus on the top. It is class and Juicy delicious, kind of sexy. This is a perfectly versatile perfume. you can wear this everywhere, anytime and it also has good lasting power.

13. Mary Kay Thinking Of You  Musky scent perfume


Musky scent perfume

Mary Kay perfume smells like vanilla, cocoa, and floral scent. The bottle of this perfume is so beautiful with a heart charm shape. You can present as a gift to your buddies. Best choice for those people who like musky scents.

14. Jessica Simpson Fancy Love – Best feminine perfume


Best feminine perfume

This perfume is an excellent feminine composition of floral and delicate. Its scent sweet like creamy roses with grass notes. In spring and summer, lots of people use this perfume.

Jessica Simpson is a cheap and wallet-friendly perfume. Its best for you if you like whimsical smells.


15. Versace Bright Crystal AbsoluMost complimented fragrance


Most complimented fragrance

Versace bright crystal absolule smell peonies and rose with the awesome vibrancy of yuzu and pomegranate seeds which make it a unique, fresh, and classy scent. Its smell is long-lasting as it is the version of the original bright crystal. This perfume can also be used in special events.

Bright Crystal was created in 2006, has particular aromas of magnolia, pomegranate, yuzu, mahogany, amber, and lotus flower. Or a fresh smell, floral, and citrus. Its duration is not so long, but it is perfect for a garden party, a picnic, or an event for the day.

There are different sizes of this fragrance, plus it has a very feminine packaging. This perfume has the most complimented fragrance. It is 10 most sold perfumes on Amazon.

16. Philosophy Amazing Grace Best perfume for girls


Best perfume for girls

The long lasting perfumes is very famous because of their citrus smell among the younger girls.

Its scents like subtly floral with an undertone.  Its smell is comforting and makes great your day in spring and summer.

17. Miu Miu L’Eau Rosée – Beautiful smelling perfume


Beautiful smelling perfume

This perfume is a combination of lily and jasmine with a little touch of honeysuckle and patchouli. More slightly pepper and musk is also the ingredient of this scent.

The bottle of Miu Miu Eau Rosee is so nice and looks beautiful. This fragrance is mostly used in autumn and winter days.

19. Origins Ginger Essence Fresh and clean perfume


Fresh and clean perfume

Origins ginger essence is hot, earthy, fresh, and glamorous. The smell of ginger in perfume is awesome. This perfume has just related smell with a combination of light floral and citrusy.

It is ok if you like to keep simple and make your day great with fragrance. You can also give it as a present to your friends.

20. L’Occitane Citrus Verbena Citrus smelling perfume


Citrus smelling perfume

This perfume has a refreshing smell that can be used in summer. It is a combination of lemonade and grapefruit and sunshine. Its awesome scent is perfect for you if you like a happy smell.

Its price is not expensive. it has no artificial smell. All things are natural.


I hope,  you liked the above-mentioned best long-lasting perfume for women. Now it is easy for you to select the best perfume from the perfumes list.

We have collected the best female perfumes which are the most suited to women’s body and style. We prefer you to buy Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy or Tom Ford Black Orchid.

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